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Wish Fulfilment

So you have a fetish?

So you have a compulsion for porn?

So you have the need to be sexually dominated by a woman?

So you pay to have your fantasy realised, you venture over the line and head into the unknown... big mistake!

Leonard is trapped by the pornography that he consumes. Obsessed to such a level that he decides to live his fantasy by visiting a Czech bondage brothel while, supposedly, on a business trip. He registers on line, sets up the visit according to his mild tastes and travels to Prague, anticipating a few days of fun and games as a submissive to the goddesses of the Czech Republic.

Meanwhile, his wife has discovered all about Leonard's trip and has altered the settings in his booking... The result is an unexpected severity of regime and Leonard slips into a nightmare where mistreatment and forced service become a vortex of degradation and rape.

42.000 words

This novel hung like a spectre over my writing for two years. I loved the premis, I loved the plot device of the man who books a visit and all his preferences over the Internet only to discover that his wife has found him out and has changed the experience. I started to write. Crossed it out and started again... and again. I just could not make the flow of the storyline change and I lacked a grand finish that would blister the page.

Finally, I approached the story from a different angle. I decided that Leonard would not be allowed to have any part in his demise, he would only be a passive victim of his experience and that his wife would be an abuser from the very start. This released the dam and the novel was finished. I admit that Leonard comes to a very sticky and perhaps undeserved end, it reflected my mood at the time of writing, but it fitted the mould that I had cast in steel!

Even though far from following a 'real' event, there is a spark of the 'real' since I happen to know of a similar (but milder!) incident and had that in mind while I was writing!

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