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Whip Hand

Ray Lever is an Internet millionaire who has just been stung by his divorce. When he is invited to a major social event where his ex wife will be present, he hires an escort as his companion. Ray thinks that it will be a fine joke to hire an imposing and attractive dominatrix to accompany him  to shock and outrage his ex-wife. Outrageous and clever, his new companion catches Ray in her toils and he becomes enmeshed in preparations for a new marriage that promises to be the start of a transformation that will destroy him...

Ray's problem is, that he can see it happening, but his obsessions and weakness will cause him to fall in love, fall into a chasm of unrequited lust and fall deep into the power of the woman who holds all his keys.

21.000 words


I suppose that this is just a little derivative, at least the premis is!. A man hires an escort to impress and then falls in love. Other than that basic plot line the story follows quite a different turn to 'Pretty Woman' and winds up in a rather different place. I suppose that the 'real' message is that the hope to change someone's basic character is doomed from the start. People are not changed by persuasion, well that's my opinion anyway. They are created as they grow up and are then usually true to their nature and nurture.

Just a small point about the covers of my books. My publisher often does not use the covers that I supply and create. This is one of my favorites with the one from 'Wish Fulfilment' and the picture could be the spark that caused me to write this novella...

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