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Wes Royal

In his own words...


I was born 14 February, in my heart if not in reality, This Side of Paradise (with apologies to F. Scott Fitzgerald). Although I currently reside in the United States, please don’t call me a Yank because I live in the South.

When I was a pre-schooler I preferred making toys from odds and ends instead of buying them. Later I delighted in modeling dinosaurs, airplanes, and rockets out of clay. (When I grew older I attempted to shape female figures.) My love of drawing exceeded my talent but never left me. In short, I have yearned to create for as long as I can remember.

During adolescence I developed huge crushes on Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and other beautiful, dominant women, including some of my teachers. Certain fetish clothes—tight, shiny dresses at first, later leather and latex, and definitely stockings and high-heels (especially boots)—added extra zest to the spell dominant women held over me.

Because of her outfit, Catwoman outranked Wonder Woman in my pantheon of goddesses. But I actually would have preferred both of them wearing skirts or dresses. (Yeah, I’m weird.)
Although most women dislike that anachronism called the girdle, the raw sexuality of an open-bottom girdle makes me powerless to resist a woman. Corsets enhance women’s allure, too, but they evoke more romanticism than lust—and thus an element of vulnerability rather than dominance.

Overall, though, the right fetish (different kinks appeal to different fetishists) can make an average woman addictive and a pretty woman totally dominant—if she so chooses. A woman who confidently manipulates a man’s feelings with her clothing tightens her control over him.

Needless to say, writing about vixens and their seductive clothing drives my creative efforts. My interests also run towards a touch of romanticism, in the Thomas Hardy vein, though my published works haven’t reflected this side of me so far. In a parallel universe, if my love of art had blossomed into talent, I would lovingly create illustrations like those of Eric Stanton, perhaps Bill Ward, and most definitely Sardax.
FDC has published my short story collection, Whatever Lola Wants (and Other Wicked Tales), which was Honorable Mention in the 2013 anthology competition of the National Leather Association International, and Goldenrod, the first volume in a planned trilogy. The second novel in the series will be The Golden Screw, combining two Henry James title for a totally new meaning! I also wrote four novels under another pen name before coming to FDC. Because another author was already using that pen name at FDC, I go by Wes Royal.

In addition to Femdom I have written miscellaneous nonfiction, mostly business articles, and may later write mystery novels featuring a character named Lexy Stykeleather. The narrator, an older man who suffers unrequited love for her, affectionately calls her Sexy Like Leather.


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