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Frank and Sue have been married for years and to Frank, it seems that all is well. But, his wife is having an affair with her lusty boss and Sue's mother wants to play games with her son in law. When Sue goes to a conference with her boss, Frank falls under his mother in law's power and finds himself caught in a four way relationship that will see him cuckolded, blackmailed and used mercilessly by Sue, her mother and Sue's boss.

This tale follows a line that begins as one thing and then morphs to another. What starts with seduction and the mother-in-law blackmailing and dominating the husband finds another route when the wife returns with her attractive and highly sexed black lover and boss. A man that has no problems using the husband for his own enjoyment. The characters jostle for position and all try to come to the top of the pile. Lover, Wife, Husband and Mother-In-Law.

This really more a tale of involountary cuckolry than otherwise. A tale where a man's sexuality is bent every which way and then finally broken to his new owner's will.

64.000 words


I had a pile of mail that were all telling me one thing...  more cuckoldry, more, longer and plenty of forced sexual subjegation. This was my reply!

The mother in law. Mature, attractive and totally insatiable.
The hot wife. Manipulative and strong, in command of her men.
The wife's bull. Cock hard and needy, virile and overwhelming.
The slut husband. Cowed and on his knees with open lips.

Frank bounces between mother in law and his wife and lover in a game of ping pong that sees him finally converted to a sexless sexual servitor.

Social, everyday and sexual, it could happen to you.

It might well happen to you...

This is a favorite of mine...

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