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To Die For

The idea is so simple, nothing can possibly go wrong...

A husband, Daniel, finds that his business is going under. His wife, Klara, is unsympathetic even though she acts as his accountant! There being no hope of a financial upturn, Daniel starts to get desperate and allows himself to be influenced by one of the suggestions that Klara makes with evil mischief on her mind. Simple... just use the life insurance, fake a death and when the insurance pays out all will be well!

The plan moves ahead, but unfortunately Daniel does not realise how dangerous it is to put himself in the hands of his wife just at the point when they agree that a divorce might be on the cards. The point when Klara's lover falls head over heels with her. The point at which she decides that she is better rid of the husband who no longer thrills her.

When the plan goes awry, for the man who is fraudulently posing as Daniel to fake his death in Greece, Klara takes advantage of the situation and makes the final moves in her deadly game of marital chess. If her husband is dead, then who is in the cellar? Legally speaking... Does she now own him if he does not exist? What of her female lover, the one that she led astray as she spied on her husband? All these questions, it turns out, Klara is well able to provide answers for...

Also included is a slightly revised version of my free story 'The Stair' from which the idea, but not the plot were taken!

37,000 words plus 3,000 for the bonus 'The Stair'


I was in such a hurry!

The plot consumed me and I could not stop writing to bring it to the page while it was fresh. This novella is the result of an extraordinary burst of productive writing that has been running through all of 2016 so far. The deliciously degenerate female domination ideas form a log-jam and the pages just keep turning. Although the plot device that brings this tale to the page has been used before by me, this is a tale around ten times as long as 'The Stair' with so many changes that they really have only very occasional parallels. This is one of the reasons that I include a slightly edited version of 'The Stair' at the end of the book. The editorial changes are perhaps just twenty words and a little grammatical rearrangement.

Written four years ago, 'The Stair' was a simple view from a cage, this one is far more complex.

Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.
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