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The Undersecretary

The interview to become the personal assistant of Davina Severo is tough. The induction is strange and the job turns out to be one that leaves the applicant as nothing more than a footstool for a woman who owns her employees. This is the story of a man who finds that his job is rather different, that he is being prepared to become nothing more than the helpless toy of a woman who plays games that end in pain.

Overpowered, brainwashed and twisted, this company is one that takes everything from it's employees!

24.000 words


This novella sprang from an idea that I had in which all the sexual roles in an office are overturned. The secretaries are men and all the bosses are women.

Taken from the point of view of a new personal assistant as he enters the company and following his induction as he is brainwashed, it quickly becomes apparant to the reader, though not the victim, that his role in the office is rather different to a 'normal' personal assistant. As the process continues the victim becomes so absorbed in the training that he is recieving that he bends and then finally breaks under the pressure and becomes nothing more than a footstool for his new boss.

Finally even his private life is wiped from the slate and he becomes nothing more than a plaything for the woman who is now his owner, his boss, his 'lover' and his nemesis.

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