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The Second Circle Of Hell

The second circle of Hell is the deep pit reserved for those guilty of the sin of lust... It is the place where the winds of Warr gust in Dante's inferno. The place where the lusting and perverted blow like leaves in the wind, never making enough physical contact to satisfy their unnatural lusts.

This novel is a follow on from 'Dark Widow', though it is by no means fully a sequel! It tells the tale of the takeover of the Service Institute by Miss Irene Clearmont. It tells of her machinations, manipulations and plans through the eyes of three main characters. Hillary, the novice, possible victim, possible dominant bitch. Jenny, the spoilt brat who has always got whatever she wanted and Veronica, factotum for Irene, the cool bitch who makes Irene's wishes real.

We saw the institute in 'Diane' and hints of it in Dark Widow. It was the place where Diane and her lover passed through and met the evil women who ran an institution for the betterment of sexual service by slaves of the rich. Now Miss Clearmont has bought into the partnership and plans to own and operate it without further interference from the former owners. A cast of women who are involved in the Institute wend their way through the pages. Some old characters return and a battle develops in which the combatants have no moral qualms from using the institute to impose penalties on their rivals. Even Irene herself falls victim to the machinations of the others...

Into this maelstrom tumble all the characters and even the indomitable Irene falls...

95.000 words

Following the success of Dark Widow was not as easy as I had thought it would be. Even though I had the characters waiting in the wings with their well known vices, pleasures and perversions, I needed a story line and a theme to push them all into action. This mean that it was three years before I set pen to paper and wrote another full length novel that featured Miss Irene Clearmont and her cadres. I decided that I needed two new characters to play with who would show the decadence of the other well known characters in silouhette. One was Veronica, the factotum and cool bitch who did not care for other's opinions. The next was Hillary who would form an unlikely bond with both sides in the deadly dispute between owners of the Service Institute. between them both I could follow every move from a new point of view and with Hillary I could allow myself the pleasure of destroying anoyther character, the religious maniac that is Hillary's husband.

This is a long and complex novel that swings like my moods! I have little interest in fantastic and unlikely plot devices that save the day. The final chase in a dominatrix is caught, is a case in point. There is something prosaic and realistic that leaves the writer and the reader wondering if it is so wrong that the most evil and awful (in the frightening sense of the word) of all the characters is the winner (even though it was a close thing)?


By no means do you have to read Dark Widow to make sense of this novel, but it helps! The novel is 'stand alone', but it flows from 'Dark Widow' and allows the characters to breathe. In some ways I consider it some of my best story telling so far. Only Succubus comes close. It flowed from the pen as though I was watching the film of the events that it tells of. One or two of the characters also appear in 'Diane' a free novel that can be downloaded from this sitre as a PDF.

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