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The Lexicon Of Female Domination

Twenty seven stories and around 85,000 words… a huge undertaking that exhausted my imagination.

Each tale, long or short has a superior woman who plays games with others. They vary in 'strength' from story to story, from a little kiss, a loving touch and persuasion, to murder most foul and total subjegation of others for personal pleasure. Each tale has an assigned word that encapsulates the story that follows. Then there is the last tale. 'The End'. A tale of escape from oppression and evil to round off the book.

One of the ideas behind the ‘Lexicon’ was to cover every aspect of female domination with some sort of tale. As it turned out, twenty seven stories is a long way from covering every aspect of an oevre that is growing by the day. So basically, I just have to be satisfied that I cover a deal of ground and that is that!


Below is a short synopsis of each story:-

A Victorian love story. The woman gets her man, against all the mores of the time he declares his love for a woman from the lower classes. Mild Female Domination from a ‘gentler’ era.

In the modern USA, a man discovers that his wife can ruin his life. Ruin it just to assert her superiority, just to prove that he owes her everything.

Public humiliation as the wife and lover force the husband to a life as second fiddle, a life as a cuckold slave.

Made to serve with a model of his own prick. Gasping for breath as he struggles under her body, as she takes her pleasure and teaches him true service. A sexual encounter that will have no end.

The first step to castration is restriction. The purpose of restriction is to train the male to prepare for castration. She fulfils her fantasies, he is long since unable to resist her gratification.

Set in the US Midwest, this is the story of how a huge woman with one slave in a box gains several more to satisfy her lust. A tale of terror, broken men and insatiable desire, whose lust is as swollen as her body.

What happens when a money slave is pulled into giving the ultimate gift. How is he caught and how is he milked?

A long honeymoon on a remote Scottish isle. Sounds romantic? Sounds like the start of a training regime that will last a lifetime!

A husband becomes a source of income as his wife decides to take a lover. He works in a brothel for her and she plots her next victim.

In a leafy setting in the north of England a lonely woman plots to suck the new neighbours into her plot. Practice makes perfect… Psychopathic Female Domination.

When you give away your secret wishes, your needs and fetishes. When you open yourself to a website and then date the partner they chose. You can expect to be owned. An electronic honeytrap.

She has her wedding ring threaded through her sex as a piercing. He is addicted to her legs and feet. Now he is just there to warm her up for her lover.

In a fit of rage, in a sudden moment of discovery, a rock star finds that she is able to create a new song based on the terrible deed that she performs in a fit of jealous rage.

The babysitter for a husband! The sexual aunt, the woman who controls him like a child. The woman who makes him suffer while his wife is out on business or perhaps just a pleasurable evening’s entertainment.

The moment of truth when the lecher, the man with active hands suddenly becomes the victim of his female co-workers.

Set in India in the future, this tale is just the report of a news reporter as she interviews the woman who owns one of the largest human-pony farms on the sub-continent. A male pony slave is not just for Christmas!

A gambler in Las Vegas falls foul of a woman who he is so sure is a whore. She is so much more!

This is a continuation of my short story ‘The Stair’. Ken and Eve are about to get married and now Gerry is superfluous to her requirements. He would make such a perfect gift for her sadistic husband-to-be.

A student in southern Italy meets the perfect woman in a red sports car. Then it turns out rather differently after they spend the night together.

Mishearing a telephone conversation can lead to dangerous consequences. The husband mishears, the wife does not…

A short Sci-Fi story that simply tells of a fast trip across Europe for a man who is nothing better than a chattel. This could be the future that we will all see...

She asks for more in bed. He agonises over what he should try. In the end it all comes together and she gets more than she expected, but nothing less than she wanted.

Spy on your wife or girlfriend. Watch her remotely with a webcam and you may find out more than you expected. What is more, maybe soon you will be performing...

Xerotripsis, look it up!

It’s all he can say. He had so many words at his command, a whole head full of literature and now the only word that he is allowed is ‘yes’.

The website for the larger woman. The place where a honey trap catches the foolish male.

The End
A last tale of escape.

Housework Never Ends...

"What the fuck sort of work do you call this?"

Mary put her hands on her hips and surveyed the pile of ironing that her husband had already done. Her foot tapped impatiently as she examined the work done so far.

"I'm sorry, I'm not very good at lace..."

"I know you're not, that's why you have to practice, but that's not really the problem. If you don't fold it all properly then you'll just have to do it all again and I want this finished so that you have time to prepare the bedroom for me tonight!"

"Is he coming around again?"

"You mean George? No, not tonight, tonight I am entertaining Valentina and I just want everything just right!"

"I did not buy any roses..."

"But, I did, so I want the petals strewn and the silk sheets on the bed. Make sure that you put enough candles out as well!"

He hung his head and nodded, it was clear that he was choking up with emotion.

Mary put her finger under his chin and lifted his chin until his streaming eyes were staring into hers.

"Darling, just concentrate on the ironing and then do the bedroom. You do want me to be satisfied with your house work, don't you?"

"Please, Mary, I just want to be yours..."

"I know that you do, darling and you are mine, mine to do with as I wish. You will eventually learn how to please me, I'm sure! When I come back, just make sure that everything is ready so that I can concentrate on having a perfect evening! It has to be just right for Valentina because she loves me too and tonight is the night that I am finally going to show her what loving me really entails."

"Is she going to be yours like I am?" he said.

"I haven't decided yet, but tonight will be when she has to show me her devotion... loving me is more than just saying so."

Never Ends

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