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The world can be a terrible place and the women who become near-reality on the tip of the nib of my pen display the most deliciously deviant needs. Often needs that go beyond mere gratification into a well of agony and opression.

These tales reflect those passions. That need to hurt, the chasm of gratification that can only be filled by inflicting sexual agony and suffering. Though there is much 'strong' content in most of my short tales, these are those that push the bounderies just a little more.

You will notice that most of these stories could just have as easily been dropped into the 'Irene's World' page. This is no accident!

This is the sharp end of my pen...


Four women play poker for stakes that are bigger than mere money. As they meet for several games a bet takes place that will forever change the relationship between them. Revenge and jealousy surface, betrayal and sexual abuse rear their head and at last the winner of the game becomes clear. The ending may surprise the readers who have not read 'Second Circle Of Hell' or perhaps 'Rules Of Engagement' as it is the intro for Veronica who becomes a confederate of Irene's in other tales. This is her birth...

He is in the cellar, caged and awaiting his wife. He had a plan, a way of defauding the insurance company and making a fortune. All he has to do is to hide and play 'dead' and then assume a new identity. There is a probelm though, a flaw in his plan. His wife has found out about the affair that he had and is about to take a terrible revenge... I loved the idea of the fraudulent disapearance, it is ofetn so difficult to manage a sucessful kidnapping. The idea that the man kidnaps himself worked so well that I took the idea and really ran with it in a commercial novel. 'To Die For' has the same simple idea, but extends the idea and makes it work on a broader canvas.

Under the floorboards is the unwilling slave that she keeps for her lovers. How did he get there, can he escape? When the police come to call, she has a little explaining to do! This is, of course, based on the Edgar Allen Poe tale, 'The Beating Heart'. A touch of horror that then becomes hopeless terror. The sound of stilettos on bare floorboards brings the victim into a cold sweat until at last the whole plot is revealed and the terrifying women who plots like a spider plans her final moves.

Part I. He pays for his BDSM. She takes so much more than just his money, because it turns out that the woman who is his dominatrix has found a new way to make money from her night-time games. A way that will see him in hell as she becomes ever richer... This tale is followed by 'Second Auction' in which another viewpoint is taken.

Part II. Spoiler Alert for 'Lost Auction'. Now it is the story of the wife and how she got caught in the Internet porn-pain game. The husband's fate was sealed in 'Lost Auction' and so we now get to see how it was that his wife was present and what her fate is at the hand of the dominatrix who plays on-line games. I wanted to write a 'flashback' taole that skipped a little. This worked quite well and I found the writing of this tale gave me good ideas about how to structure this type of plot development.

A Japanese style seven syllable poem written in syllables of pain. In a graceful Japanese artistic fugue, he suffers at the hands of a sadist for whom his every cry and agony is nothing more than pure-art that fills her life with sensual pleasure. Since writing this, I have realised that a 'normal' Haiku is seventeen sylables. Never mind, it still works! I try to capture tranquillity stirred into fear and abuse. It seemed ideal to have a Japanese protagonist who treats her obsessions as poetry while played against a European man who suffers a slow torment in fear and agony for her artistic pleasure.

Sadism and BDSM. A plot that sucks a married couple in and then spits them out. Set in Berlin, it tells the tale of four people whose identities become confused. A horror story of evil and abuse that will have no limits, because the prize is not just to own a slave, it is to own another's entire life. I may well take up this plot and develop a novel from it. The ideas are so sharp in relief that they beg to be expanded to become something longer and more detailed.

View From A Cot

Written in 2016, the writing of this tale is seperated from the others by a long gap. Written as a peek into the world of my novel 'Four Bitches' it takes the reader into a scenario of fetishistic abuse that is far removed from every other scenario that I have ever written. Madame and her two daughters have a play room, a terrible place of abuse that allows them to play with the human toys that they have created to add pleasure to their nights. A sexual horror tale that will have you gasping with fear and will stick in  your mind long after the screen has darkened! I included a fully edited copy at the back of the novel, because in reality, this was a chapter that I excised as it broke the headlong rhythm of the plot at a moment when it needed to come to resolution.

The Visit

Written at the end of 2016, this story takes the reader to follow the visit of a man to a professional dominatrix in Hamburg. Originally the start of a novel, it was given up around the middle of 2016 aqnd I have converted it to a short story to see it in print. This happens occasionally, I realise that I have taken the reader too deeply into the tale for anything other than a short story. A whole novel of abuse might seem a wonderful thing, but it becomes boring and repetetive after a few pages. This way the tale stays fresh and retains its horrifying effect long after the last page is turned.

Bed and Breakfast

Dear Mandy,

I just had to write to tell you how much I and my wife enjoyed staying at your guest house for three weeks last September. We have seldom managed to find such bonhomie from the owner of a bed and breakfast establishment. To top it all off you looked after me in that last week when I caught that bout of fever.

So for all you efforts, I would like to tender my deepest grateful thanks for all your care and exertion.




Dear Mandy,

I just quickly wrote this note to keep you up to speed with how things are going at my end. I was somewhat sceptical, I’ll be honest! When you told me on the phone that you could train a man in just a week to be the perfect trophy man who did as he was told without question and always gave his all in bed for his wife, I have to say that I really thought that I was wasting a week or two of my life for nothing!

Well, Hugo has been such a good boy since his ‘fever’. He does not question any order, he kisses me all over every night and has already agreed to allow me to improve my experience of sex by having a few more lovers.

There has been no wavering of Hugo’s servility and I shall keep giving him the formula for the next three months as you directed. It has been well worth the ten thousand that it all cost and I am certainly recommending the course to my friends. I would not want them to miss out on the benefits that I am seeing.

Thanks for everything and I’ll stay in contact.




Dear Elaine,

Thank you for your kind note. I would also like to point out that Hugo sent me a letter (a copy of which I enclose). If he did this without a direct order from you, then I suggest that you up the dose to 10ml a day for a week and then reduce back to 5ml. You will also have to make sure that he is properly scared of the crop and the whip!

It is essential that, during the drugged period, your husband is beaten regularly and punished at least three times a day to build the total habitual servility that you require.

Should Hugo be showing any signs of independence at the end of the year when you will have finished the formula, then I shall take him in for another week. Normally I hesitate to do this because there is a risk that a second course of tuition can damage him physically and make him unable to climax, however, I always finish what I start and Hugo does seem a little too independent for your full use.

Thank you for using my services,



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