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Skewered On Spikes

Frank Ernest Lye works as an undermanager in a fashion shop. One day his nemesis arrives, Katie, a rich woman who is looking for a manager for her bijou shoe shop. Awoman that believes in service and knows that Frank is putty in her hands. This is the tale of his descent into serfdom as he takes the job and falls under the spell of a woman who is selling not just shoes, but a fetishistic experience that will drive Frank into dependence and utter obedience.

In the end, Frank will be nothing more than a shoe-bitch who serves his Mistress and her clients with any service that they desire.

21.000 words

This novella is a personal favorite. Like most women, I love shoes... spikes, stilettos, mules, sandals, ballet boots and all those delicious creations that make a man stare at my feet and adore! In this tale I have let myself go and indulged in creating a man who is coaxed and then pressed into becoming more than just a shoe fetishist, he becomes a shoe slut of the first order.

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