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Following, loosely, the fairy tale. Well, just a little, at least there are some glass slippers and some women who could be described as wicked sisters, though one of them is not really a sister.  This is the tale of a woman who finds that the partner that she always wanted is one that will be at the end of her leash! Or, is it the tale of a man who always wanted to find a collar on his neck!

Maybe both!

Jean meets Sherri when her boss makes the mistake of going to a clip-joint in Soho. The tale is set in 1985, when the sex-industry was strong in Soho. Strong, plastic, rip off and exciting, lurid and fun! The place was full of seedy clubs and sex-shops. Sherri, of course, owns one of them! However, she plans to close that clip-joint and set up a high class club that will cater for the dominant woman.


She needs some legal help...

To put the main opposition out of the way...

To find a woman who can help her with the accounts...

With her friend, Sophie, a transsexual-dominatrix and escort, Sherri captures Jon and Jean into her toils. This is the tale of Jon's demise and the rise of Jean as a woman who wants nothing more than a man who knows how to lick the shit off her shoes.

44.000 words


This tale is based on yet another place that I knew so well, back in the day! I worked in Soho, in a club, for five years between 1985 and 1990, before I went abroad to work. The story is one that I have longed to write for a good while, telling of the sex-shops, the joints and glasses of champagne that cost fifty pounds each. the clubs that were beyond the edge of acceptable, but tempting and ever busy!

So come with me down to old Soho, where the champagne tastes of cherry cola...

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