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This small collection represent my less graphic tales, the ones with a somewhat less fetishistic theme. Don't be fooled, they all female domination tales, they are perhaps just a little less fetishistic or perhaps more plot driven! Some were written years ago and represent experimental writing where I tested style, content and method. All are free to download complete from this page and are just a simple link away. Just click on the title and the PDF file will be uploaded. If you wish to keep the PDF on your own computer, then save the file from inside your PDF reader.


It is now several years that I wrote these tales, I had considered revising them a little, but in the end they must stand on their own merits, since I have neither time nor the inclination to rewrite them...

A husband who has always fantasised about anal sex discovers that his wife has decided to allow his dream to happen. This is the first short story that I wrote after I was picked up by my publisher and was designed to go on FemDomCave.Com as a free taster. Really quite short, it has a nice little twist at the end that presages a theme that I have used quite often.

A burglar breaks into the Chinese embassy in London to steal a vase. He thought the apartment was empty, but the woman who is staying there has other ideas. This was another short story especially written for my publisher to publish for free. It was at this point that I decided that I would write a whole host of short stories to publish on the web for free-download in order to practice my writing and test some of the ideas and preconception sthat I had about writing and style. This time I picked a first-person approach to test the viability of writing novels in the same style.

When a wife finds out that her husband has been visiting a prostitute, she goes around to sort the mess out. What transpires is not a catfight on a doorstep. This one had the possibility of becoming a novel, but somehow I just found that there was not enough milage in the tale. Also it was written concurrently with 'A Reversal Of Fortune'. That mean that I did not have a great deal of time and energy to devote to the tale and closed it, leaving it as a short story.

Kidnap in the Middle East. A tennis tournament, a jealous arabic lover. She wants him, she takes him and she keeps him for her very own... I got the idea from a comic strip and wanted to try writing about a place that I had personally never experienced. This one has weaknesses in that I attempted a complex plot in just a little space. I also experimented with the idea of heading each chapter with a separate by-play and had a little fun with amusing anecdotes that were intended to lead the tale along and close the gaps of off-stage action. Not entirely sucessful, in my opinion, but parts of the tale are quite strong. The ending is a little on the harsh side for a tale catagorised as 'less strong', but somehow this tale fits in this section quite nicely.

Induction is the state when hypnosis has taken hold. Usually it is finished by the hypnotist. This is a case where the induction is never broken... Thereare so many BDSM tales along the theme of hypnosis. After all, writers soon realise that chains and fetters restrict the writer almost as much as the fictional victim! So, I decided that the approach would be interesting, the problem was just how to avoid 'magic' and drugs to allow the male victim to be under the control of his mistress and allow the reader to believe in the progression. It involved a little research that showed me a method of allowing this

Minimalist chit-chat spread over four conversations that reveal a couple where the woman is taking over the realtionship. Just the words they speak, tell the story. This was written to improve my conversational writing by attempting no descriptive passages at all. The result was more effective than I ever imagined and had purged the fear that I used to have about people speaking... I have used this type of method quite often now, just allowing the characters to speak for themselves.

A Thai princess enters a shoeshop. She does not just buy the shoes, she takes the assistant home with her as a willing victim. The arrogance of a woman who always gets what she wants is palpable through the tale. This small tale is all about building fetish and obsession in a victim and then taking him far further than he would ever have been willing to go before.

When she catches her husband cross dressing, she turns it to her advantage. Ladies, pay attention here! A sexual weakness or fetish is nothing more than a handle on a man's life that can be used to guide him to where ever you wish him to go! This tale is interesting because the wife is almost unwilling to pull her huisband into a female role, but feels that he is giving her no choice as she goes...

A fetish for knitware... she recognises his obsession and captures him. There are not many wool-fetish tales around, I just felt that setting it a few decades ago fitted the oevre. I decided a gentler approach with this tale to create an atmosphere of obsession without such wicked overtones of hard fetish and pain, more control and nurture... This short story was written for a reader who asked me to indulge him...

In the office, a male chauvenist manager feels that the women in the office are simply ornamental stepping stones in his career. As he plots their demise he soon discovers that they have him in their grip as the shoe moves to the other foot. Basicaly a simple storyline of office politics taken way beyond the level of everyday work.

Asocial Secretary

She bends her lover and breaks her boss. A short tale of blackmail and control in the office. The tale is really just a single scene as she reflects on the fate of the man serving her as she enjoys that intimate submission.

Party Animal

Originally written for a writing contest, this tale tells of a cuckolded husband who only wanted his wife to be a little more agressive in bed. One thing leads to another an he finds himself in the grip of wife and lover, nothing more than a sissy-slave for their amusement as they humiliate and destroy him. Itten alittle softer to appeaql to a female as well as a male audience and sets up the scene for a party where the husband is finally confirmed as a cuckold-slut.

Come To Heel

A cuckolding tale written as a taster for my collection, 'Down at Heel'. This short story heads the collection with a cuckolding tale with a difference, because cuckolding can be more than just a male partner fucking your wife...

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