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Secret Garden

A romance novelist needs writing space and decides to buy a place in an isolated location in the Mid West of the USA. In one of those isolated communities a small cadre of female dominants has formed and they are eager to induct her and her husband into their little group. Bit by bit, she is reeled in until, she at last embraces the idea of making her husband the man that she always wanted.

The husband is in for a rougher time than he imagined as the plot twists around him and his dominating wife as well as the cast of females who pull the couple into their clutches.

42.000 words

This novel was written in a breathless rush as the ideas came to me and became prose. Out of interest I also tried to write in a more 'American language' style, using settings, vocabulary, spelling and speech that would fit a North American storyline. Also, even though from Europe, I personally know this part of the USA a little and incorporated places that I have been to, seen or passed by.

Beware, what starts as a slow boiler grinds into high gear and some of the scenes are really quite potent...

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