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Rules Of Engagement

This long novel is a follow-up, a sequel if you like, to the novel 'The Second Circle Of Hell'. It features a few characters from previous novels, mainly Miss Irene Clearmont, Hillary and Veronica. The reader opens the pages and finds themselves in a tale that has two main strands. One is the tale of the young man who finds himself living a nightmare in Turkey. He disappears as he is swallowed by a business that consumes young men and women and sells them in the degenerate slave marketplace of the Middle East. Just as the reader slips into a fairly straight story line, it becomes clear that the Long Island Institute of Miss Clearmont is negotiating with their Turkish equivalent to set up direct contacts.

Three men and a woman are the focus of the story, each heading to a fate that is traced through the hell of the Turkish training school. All the while, larger issues are being ironed out as the story-line flips to America, Turkey with small snap shots of London and the Middle East.

It is not really necessary to have read the previous books in this series to enjoy this novel, however this one fits in nicely and is really a sort of 'sideways sequal'.

The level of the female domination and abuse is on a par with other novels in the series, it is not recommended for those who prefer a gentler and perhaps more loving female domination theme. This means, however that the novel can head just a little into 'thriller' territory with a flow occasionally heads into a mild 'horror' catagory. Expect gritty, slightly horrific and strongly themed femdom fiction that I am hoping will leave you breathless at the vinegar ending that puts the novel to bed.

57.000 words

The 'Miss Irene Clearmont' series could be taken to consist of the following, roughly in order:

Dark Widow (or the 1st person novel Denise that was rewritten to create Dark Widow. Personally I recommend 'Dark Widow')
Nursery Crime (novella)
Road Trip (Novella)
The Second Circle Of Hell

Rules Of Engagement

In my collections of short stories there are plenty of other tales that contact Miss Irene's world. For instance, Phoenix Rising with Crystal, The Queen Of Spades, Saturday Afternoon Interview In Manhattan, 419 and loads of others. If you check the bibliography on this site they are all listed with an *.

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