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Road Trip

A hitchiker... Alone on his road trip from one side of the U.S.A to the other after having split form his girlfriend.

A female led biker gang... In need of more human fodder for the white slavers.

Graham is picked up in Kansas and offered an overnight bed that proves to be the last comfortable bed he ever sleeps in.

21.000 words


Road trip started as a short story and grew as I played with an inventive incubus... a side story that grew in the telling and became part of the main theme.

The idea of a 'girl' biker gang is not at all new. The setting is classic for sexploitation movies and the whole binds in with the Miss Irene Clearmont milieu. In fact it shows a ruthless and terrible side to Irene that places her firmly in a criminal underworld of drugs, sexual predation and murder. But, then flickers of these traits have been surfacing since the beginning.

This novella focuses on helplessness. Total and complete... The helplessness of the victim who tries so hard to escape his or her fate and cannot hide fror long with all the powers arrayed against them.

Give up and surrender to your fate!

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