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Road Kill

Subjegating Samuel

Part II

Sissy Samuel finds himself on the road at last... as the second part of the series gets into gear.

Thrown from the car of the woman who trained him, he finds himself in the Snake Ranch. A hell hole brothel run by the ruthless Shawna that satisfies the casual lusts of truckers who lay-over overnight or maybe just tank up a little gas. In the truck-park lot, in the Snake Ranch itself all are watched over by and controlled by Shawna who decides that Samuel will be ideal to add to the offer of sluts in her whore house. At first Samuel finds himself in the grip of Crystal, the overweight and powerfully crude dominatrix who ply’s her trade in the brothel.


That is not to be Samuel's fate as he becomes a menial toe-sucking slave to the whores and is thrown into the truck-stop parking lot to earn in the cabs of the rigs one by one. In just a few days in the Sanke Ranch, Samuel is taught that a woman's needs are his duty to satisfy...

20.000+ words

This is the second episode of the series, 'Subjugating Samuel'. Taking him from the gentle and ruthless Miss Harriman, Samuel moves into a milieu that is a thousand miles from the expensive villas and casual cosseted abuse that introduced him to female domination. Now he is at the rough end of sex-for-hire, a value only as long as clients have holes to fill and use...

Road Kill is followed by part III of the series: Full Dressage

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