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A Reversal Of Fortune

Scarcely a story of domestic bliss!

Simon has been a naughty boy! He is bribing and blackmailing his way to winning building permissions and re-zoning for the land his company needs to build on. Not content with this he has numerous affairs and leads a personal life that is totally self centred. All these complications are a pleasure to him as he is in such total control of his life.

When the women in his life finally come alive to Simon's cheating and lying they gather and work together to destroy him. They coalece to form a single cabal who decide that the best thing for Simon is a life of domestic slavery. How they put his life in meltdown, how they blackmail and expose him... that is the tale.

45.000 words


Set in 'smalltown' UK, this novel was a complete break from the fetishistic first three novels that I wrote. Small incidents, domestic scenes and everyday events that are twisted out of all recognition. More than that, I added the structure of a Tarot reading to the novel. As the story progresses, cards are laid and the inevitibility of Simon's downfall becomes clear. It was an interesting style that, I think, still holds up now, over three years since it was written. It was ambitious for the first novel that I wrote specifically for my new publisher. The editing took three months as I learned my trade under the strict eye of a rather particular editor. We ended with the whole text in rainbow colours and me in total confusion!

But the tale was in order and I had learned so much.

It was worth the effort, this is a great domestic female domination novel that contains some scenes that stick in the mind. Imagine being in a dark room playing blind man's buff with a terrifying woman who wants to rape you! Finding that your clothes have been burned and that the only way out is to wear her clothes! Finding that a lover and wife combine to destroy you when you thought that they would fight each other for possession...

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