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Return To Innocence

A recently divorced man decides to use a partnership website to relight his love life.

Usually, Daniel deletes all his spam mails without even looking at them, but this time he is intrigued by a mail that points him to a website that finds partners for men and women who want to meet partners who are especially tailored for their tastes. Finding a partner is never easy, so he is tempted to join… The result is that he goes to an open meeting where he can see how it works.

After filling in a collection of questionnaires he decides that the unexpected balance of male and female applicants is interesting and he follows through to a second meeting where several attractive women catch his eye. The result is that he gradually slips into the grip of the partnership agency who have a rather unusual take on developing relationships between their members.

Of course, all is not what it seems and the rapacious women who are members of the club to add submissive males to their lives take their pick and Daniel finds himself in deeper waters than he could have ever imagined.

48.000 words


I decided to attempt an idea that has been developing in my mind for a while. The question that I asked myself was ‘just how far can feminisation be pushed?’

The answer is perhaps in this novel. Our ‘hero’, Daniel is taken to the outer extreme of a feminisation fetish where little girls are looked after by wealthy and mature women who want to create a perfect little feminised sissy-toy to play with.  Total control as Daniel regresses to become a child who can do nothing but obey his strict new Mama.

Lady Edith Prestwick, the woman who has Daniel under her wing, overwhelms Daniel and uses him to create the perfect feminised man. Chaste, doll-like and submissive, she plays with him and takes him back through the years to become a little girl that longs for her mother, a little girl where the former Daniel is purged from memory and rebuilt as a teeny-slut who can be offered to Lady Edith Prestwick’s friends as an entertaining diversion for a night’s depraved sexual games.

By the way, the title was dreamed up by one of my editors, only the second time that this has happened, but the title was so apposite that I could not resist!

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