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Programming Language

Deep and Cruel Domestic Sissy Slavery

A marriage that does not seem to be going anywhere with a husband who sits in front of the TV and spends all of his time drinking with the lads. A friend who has been tossed out of her home as her boyfriend chooses to move a new girlfriend in. The wife and her friend meet up and pool their lottery tickets to find that one of them is the winner of the jackpot, worth millions.

This is the tale of what happens afterwards.

How the husband is trapped, how other friends are brought into the mixture and finally, how a deeper betrayal between lovers will change everything around. The novel covers a two-year period, focussing its view on that final day, the one when all of the relationships will be resolved forever and move like a kaleidoscope into new constellations.
It is intense, personal and close up with a few final twists that I hope will leave the reader just a little breathless...


41.000 words

A couple of years ago I wrote quite a long piece entitled 'Gail's Long Day' (you can download it on this site). It featured a single critical day in the life of a man who had been reduced to a feminised bitch at the hands of his wife, but also the idea of a computer surveillance system that could control every motion, every move and then administer punishment as it had been programmed.

'Gail's Long Day' proved to be a fairly popular piece, even though I was a little dissatisfied with the writing itself. The idea was so good that I really felt as though I needed to rewrite it to novel length and rearrange the tempo of the plot. 'Programming Language' is that novel. It features much of the same situation as 'Gail's Long Day', but now the background story is exposed and a stronger ending has been added. I feel that the new novel gives the idea of this total domestic sissy-slavery to be explored and allow the reader to enjoy the entrapment and gradual destruction of Karen's husband.

The two pieces of writing have no text in common. I simply reread 'Gail's Long Day' and then a week later completely started to rewrite the whole script with new characters, new situations and tensions and a nice little dénouement at the end.


Here are two 'mock covers' for the brochure from 'Chastity Microsystems'.


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