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Pet Shop Girls

This is a novel that follows the course of a plethora of characters. Women who dominate their peers, submissive men and all shades between. It is one of my rather more severe novels, with a fairly no-holds-barred trip that takes the reader to a place where a small exclusive group of women abuse and play with their pets in a priveliged life of service and humiliation.


Yes, but also dangerously attractive...

Daniella Holden, wife of a police commisioner finds that her husband is carrying out an affair with his secretary. When she mentions this to a friend, there is a hint that divorce is not the only possibility open to a slighted women. Daniella follows this up and finds that a woman that she detests has some part in the 'Pet Shop'. A place where men and women are broken to prepare them for service as the chattels to the superior social group who amuse themselves ith the suffering of others.

The novel follows the course of the abductions and training that break the victims of Clare, the woman who owns the largest share of the 'Pet Shop'. Men and women get sucked into a maelstrom of lust and agony leaving just the women who create sexual puppets of their victims to triumph.

55.000 words

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