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This small collection represent the historical tales that I wrote to amuse myself between novels. I have a personal love for history and found that I love the genre as a setting for tales of severe female domination. All the settings of these stories that do not occur in our present time, but only one is set in the future. Of course the women are strong, the men fall under their spell and the endings can be savage. These tales will not appeal to any but the connoisseur. That is not an excuse to say that those who do not like the sub-genre have poor taste. It is simply that these tales do not always fit the mould of female domination fiction in the expected way!

Slaves Of Xi Ling

A Chinese romp at the beginning of last century. It starts with a manuscript found in a dusty bookshp and moves on to the first person narrative of a young man who is in China for the first time. Flashman meets Fu Manchu meets Femdom! Romer meets McDonald! Newly in Shanghai, Adam meets Gerry who shows him around the ancient capital of the south, but the friendship comes to an end when Gerry rapes a whore in a brothel in the foriegner's quarter. That young girl wreaks a revenge that is beyond Adam's imagination as he is kidnapped and taken to a place where he can suffer at her leisure while Gerry is slowly reduced to a ruin in the next cell. This tale was written when my publisher suggested that China and Romer's world would be a good setting, he was right, he usually is!


She has been here 2,000 years and now she is hungry for another man! This tale was later adapted and totally rewritten to make the start of the novel 'Succubus'. A man is lost on the moors in Scotland. Through the rain and snow he finds a small cottage, inhabited by a woman for whom he is nothing but prey. A mixture of horror, occult and female domination, this was by far one of my most popular tales when it was written. The plot is a little jerky as I prevaricated and could not quite decide if the main character was mystical or modern, but it works and the rewritten part of 'Succubus' is a far more seamless ride...

The Coin

Three linked short tales about strong woman with a historical basis. Byzantine, Russian Empire and Russian revolution. All three tales are bound by the coin that passes from one woman to the next. From Empress Irene, the woman who blinds her son, to Catherine the Great in pre-modern Russia and then, at last to a woman who supervises the Lubyanka, the prison of the Czar's Cheka and the NKVD of the Revolutionary Russian state that is forming in the chaos of Russia in 1918. I have had some confused aMails about this one. Some love it, others hate it. Personally, for m ethe line is great, the execution a little weak. This reavealed to me a problem with historical writing that makes it such a delicate matter. Nothing can be taken for granted by the author. She needs to explain a whole milieu as well as move the plot along. 'The Coin' almost suceeds and the last part of the triptych works best, in my opinion.

The Last Sybil

Back in the earliest times, human sacrifice was the sacrifice of kings. Taken from Graves, in the style of Mary Renault, this is the moment when at last women's power in Greece is eclipsed. Though the knife falls, it is the end of an era that may never come again. This is a strange tale, but a passion of mine. Graves has the opinion in his book, 'The White Goddess' that there was a time when women ruled. This tale is an attempt to follow in his footsteps and show the moment when that reality changed.

The German Sub

We are in the midst of WW2 and a U-boat is in trouble off the coast of Britain. The German washed overboard will do anything to survive and avoid being imprisoned by the British. Even if it means that he has to become the servant of the woman who's house he finds on the cliffs... She gives him a welcome that is more than warm. There is a nice twist that I think very few readers will anticipate. The period descriptons work fairly well and this is a tale where the reader can never be quite sure where the author is heading. The research for the initial submarine warefare was mostly watching the film 'Das Boot'! But, the reader is soon taken from the wash of the undertow to a different drowning.

Snow White

Brothers Grimm pastiche with a brutal attitude. Written  a little in the style of a fairy tale and at the same time, set into the framework of a historical narrative, this tells the familiar children's story as it was meant to be told. A tale of blood and sex, a tale of domination and evil. The style is archaic, the history a fit, but twisted to make it a fairytale and the ending is violent as befits a Grimm's tale. Everything about this tale is quite opposite the normal thrustr of erotica, but the scenes are so strong and clawing that opinions about this tale are either 'love' or 'hate'!

Immoral Earnings

A look into the future as it could be. The state is now run for the pleasure of women, men are second class citizens who suffer discrimination and legal sanction. This is the story of one of those women and the husband that she owns. One of the very few tales that I have set in the future. I realise that SciFi is ofetn used as a setting to create a gynocracy of modern life. For me, it lacks realism and is too easy to just fall into the trap of simply making the men suffer. I cannot get a grip on futuristic writing even though Ballard and Vance are favorite 'vanilla' authors of mine. This was an attempt and it works quite weel at a plot level, but it did not engender enthusiasm for the genre of gynocracy-femdom in me.

Party Girl

"Stand straight when I am talking to you! You always slouch, your posture needs attention... Anyway, there is no time for that now, but I won't forget to attend to it!"

Janine looked down at the feet of the maid that stood a little straighter to attention before her. The tip of her cane slid up the inside of those shapely calves and then to the frilly hem of the pink dress that flounced around the maid's thighs.

"What I wanted to say is that this is an important little gathering tonight. One or two women are arriving whom I am about to do business with and it would be annoying if you let me down. Do you understand?"

The maid nodded aknowlegement of her mistress' words as she felt the cane lift the hem of her dress.


Janine looked down to see the smooth tops of those thighs, the soft hairless skin and the tight tube that snuggled and restricted her husband's little cock. The reassuring steady flashing of a green LED showed that the sytsem was switched on and that Jamie, her husband, was being controlled by the computer.

"The guests will begin to arrive at nine and I want you at the door until they are all here. After that you can report to Margie and help her serve the guests with drinks and light refreshments. We will be retiring to the gallery for our business negotiations by ten which means that at ten to ten you will be ready for other duties if they are needed. Yvonne has already asked if she can enjoy your presence and I can well believe that one or two others may well have a use for you."

Jamie blushed and looked down.

The tip of his cock swelled from the steel tube that held it tight. From the ring that pierced him dangled a small bell that tinkled as the tip of the cane stroked the tender purple smoothness of his tip. The green light blinked.

'It looks so harmless,' he thought, 'that little green light...'

But, it was the key to his submission, the opression that gripped him. The thing that made him scared of his wife. The spur that gouged his flank and the bit that made him bleed. Before the flashing green light he had still had had some small iota of independence, brief moments where he was not watched, not controlled, not punished and able to hide in his own head. Since the installation of Chastity Microsystems' new twenty four hour ownership system he was kept in line by watchful computers, cameras and detectors that ensured that every moment was used, every minute held the promise of pain for disobedience and every second was under the lash.

"Tell me you love being controlled by my computer," laughed Janine as she changed the subject.

It was such a pleasure when Jamie's eyes filled with tears and she knew that he had to tell her that he loved every moment of his wretched and servile life. The makeup on his eyes started to swim and a grey tinged tear scored his pink cheek to come to rest at last on those bee-stung lips.

"Thank you Janine, for teaching me to obey you," he said. "I love you and I need to be punished to make me perfect for you. I long to serve you perfectly..."

It was the litany that he had to repeat every time before he spoke any other sentence. A small proof of Janine's power and a satisfying and uplifting statement.

"Well then," she said, "I have just taken delivery of this..."

Janine held a small metal ring up for his inspection.

Jamie looked at it and was about to speak before he suddenly realised that he was not sure if he should repeat the 'Thank You' speach before asking permission to ask...

"It's for your darling little balls," said Janine as he pressed the ring into his hand. "Put it on and than I'll explain."

Jamie unclipped the smooth ring and looked up.

"Clip it around your balls nice and tight," she said when she saw the doubt in his face.

There was a click and the small green LED on the tube that held his cock changed colour and flashed yellow.

"That's perfect," said Janine as she allowed her hand to stroke his cock. "It's just initiating the new hardware. It takes a moment..."

It was the first time in months that she had touched him there since the fitting of his restraint and Jamie felt thunder in his ears and felt a swelling start at the root of his cock.

The yellow of the light slowly changed colour. First to orange and then tinged with red.

"It can tell when you are going to come," said Janine as she played with him. "Of course we can't allow that to happen!"

Her hand stroked the tip of Jamie's cock and then played with the gasping little slit from which was starting to weep tears of oily precum.

"Are you coming?"

He nodded and gasped and then he jerked from her hand and a small drip of cloudy liquid emerged from the tip of his prick.

"Just a little shock at the correct moment," laughed Janine as she watched his reaction to the punishment cycle beginning. "Later I am going to link it to all the other punishment systems and the stim unit as well. It will be nice for you to be wanked and then punished all night every night to get you in the mood to serve like the little slut-maid that you are."

The cane moved slightly and the hem of his dress dropped.

"Now then, back to the party. Yvonne will be bringing her new boyfriend and you will be showing him what a good boy that you are before making yourself ready for any other requests that the guests might have."

Jamie looked into his owner's eyes with a questioning look.

"Yvonnes' boyfriend has a cock that you are going to get to know so well. She tells me that it is so huge that she really looks forward to watching your throat swell as it is pushed deep into you. Of course Darleen will be there as well, Jamie, and I suppose that she will want to use you!"

There was pleading now in that look that he gave her.

"I'm sorry Jamie, I know that Darleen is a little over the top, but you really will just have to learn that it is the wishes and needs of my guests that come before your own comfort. Just try to be a little mature and learn to enjoy serving in every way. I know that she insisted on branding her name into you last time, but this time she has assured me that any marks will not be permanent and that she just wants a little respectful attention from you."

The End.

PS If you wish to read a little more about 'Chastity Microsystems' then I suggest that you read 'Gail's Long Day'!

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