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Paradise Gained

An Italian Love Story...

Ah, true love. True lust and love come with a little emotional blackmail. A little 'here and there' in sexual bargaining and negotiation.

One might think!

Carlo, still a virgin at nineteen has fallen in lust with Esta, by far the most attractive girl in his University group. What starts with him helping her with essays becomes an ever steepening incline that leads him deep into her clutches. Almost but never quite managing to sleep with her, he finds that she comes from another world, a world where her aunt is her mother and her mother is someting quite unexpected. While Esta plays with him cruelly and bends him to become something less than her boyfriend she plays a double game with one of the lecturers, a man who fucks his attractive pupils in exchange for overlooking their course work failures.

This is a tale on three levels, the aunt and her servant, the young girl and her hapless boyfriend and then finally the relationship that she has with a sexual predator that shows him that predation has more risks than he ever realised.

Set in northern Italy, this is a twisted love story that will appeal to all those that have dreamed of finding themselves at the mercy of a young woman who needs something less and more than a man to bed them at night. Transformed and cruelly twisted, using feminisation and psycological pressure, the young man is placed in chastity and tormented, all the while witnessing his place as lover being usurped by a man who can give his goddess what she needs while he becomes nothing but a pink, prettified whore for her casual use.

The end is a final push into servitude for the young man...

45.000 words


Using the setting of Milan and the area around, I decided to write about places that I knew well... This novel was written while I was living and working in Switzerland, in the southern part where Italian is spoken...

Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.
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