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Original Sins

This is one of a pair of collections of short stories that have only ever been published commercially. I quite liked the feminine biblical theme name that started with the companion volume ‘Eve’s Apples’. The original sin is of course Eve’s responsibility, so this and the collection ‘Eve’s Apples’ fit well together in title and concept.

In order to provide a stronger linkage between the two collections I prefaced every story with a new ‘Agony Aunt’ letter and answers from Mistress Maxine as in the other volume. Each letter is followed by several more that make each of the ‘Letters To Maxine’ a short story told in letters in the style of Laclos. A small homage to the writer of ‘Dangerous Liasons’, a litery hero of mine. Originally the letters were supposed to intimately link to the story that they prefaced, but it proved too tempting to let them go their own way and treat them as small stories in their own right.

This collection is perhaps a little ‘harder’ than ‘Eve’s Apples’. There is less love and tenderness and a little more fetish and slavery between the covers. The longest story in the collection is ‘Aunty’. In fact the collection almost got that story as a title-maker because the story tends to rotate around a theme and tale that has some autobiographical content. I have embellished somewhat, but the central theme of the story is one that I had a part in myself and was perhaps a formative experience. I’ll let the reader decide what he or she thinks is ‘true’ and what is the lacy embellishment of the authoress.

Of all of the other stories I particularly like ‘The Ringer’, a woman who has such finely tuned control of a man’s cock that he is soon climaxing without her help... On the other hand ‘Suburban Bliss’ tells the terrible fate of a man who thinks that he can prey on woman. He, by chance, falls prey to a woman who is a full order of magnitude more deadly than he is. ‘Yet to Come’ is one of my few attempts to create a futuristic plot. A man with worries about his honeymoon night as his mother prepares him for his wedding.

I have listed the main stories below, with a brief synopsis. The letters from Maxine make another seven short tales interspersed amongst the stories listed below.

New Friends.       
A couple move because of his job. The new friends that they make and the club that they join proves to be more than mild amusement for the wives and less than comfortable for the husbands.

The Ringer.          
He meets her at a speed dating meet. She is the girl of his dreams, but why does she become so fixated on the idea of making him climax so fast?

Suburban Bliss.           
A sexual predator. No woman is safe as he uses the pages of contact magazines and websites to pick his victims. Until he meets a woman who is the ultimate sexual predator.

A short piece composed of several conversations that reveal that borrowing money from the mother in law can be a tricky business.

A 20.000 word novella set in the 1980s. A young man is offered a labouring job on Auntie's farm in the north of England. There he finds out that the work is rather different to that which he had imagined.

Yet To Come.                
In the near future women's rights have reached an acme. Here we are privileged to get two short views into that fearsome world. A world where men have become superfluous, almost…

Do not borrow from Christina unless you can afford to pay it back. Failure results in a history lesson that ends in a new balancing of the financial scales.

64,000 words of pure sexual domination, this collection will place you in the palm of my hand, where you should be!

Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.
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