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Tales Of Ordinary Cruelty

So you are 'into' female domination, abuse in the hands of a strict woman?

Do you hedge the experience until it becomes just play?
Do you never go to the edge of your fantasy?
Do you always agree safe words?
Do you agree limits?

Is what you are really doing just being in control after all?

This collection of tales is one in which the word 'consensual' is placed on the back burner. I will take you, bend you over and fuck your limits with the five tales that lurk in this volume of full-on female domination literature.


Passing Through
A young man goes on a quest to add to his collection of erotica. This on of the few fantasy stories that I have written. Let's put it this way. When he finds a woman who mirrors one of his fantasies he suddenly discovers that she has the power to send him to visit his favorite fantasies... they are more than they seem!

Angels Of The North
Ever fancied a one night stand after clubbing? Ever needed a quick fuck when you finish drinking? What happens if the woman that you fuck has a boyfriend who is a violent criminal mobster? What if the women that inhabit this world are just used to getting exactly what they want? What if it were you who was the victim?

Principal Female
For the woman who needs a school where the man of her life can learn a little comportment and service! This tale tells the story of three years spent in improvements to a husband who needs to learn that his wife has special needs that must be satisfied and that her new boyfriend also needs a little attention.

Mummy's Boy
Meeting his hundreth conquest on the Internet, he meets a woman who is overwhelming in all aspects. Her hunger, her tastes, her size, her strength and her needs. Most of all, her sister and mother! The women who need a man to drink every drop from them, a man who will be nothing more than a toy to abuse night and day... A strong tale of feminine sadism.

Negative Consent
Christine is retiring after a lifetime of training and selling the victims of her abductions. Now that she is sixty she needs a nice man to train and keep! A man who will be broken and used until he provides the perfect service slave for her reirement. But it all goes a little sideways and things don't turn out as planned...

Enjoy plunging into the deep-end with Irene... just drown quietly...

55,000 words in total.

This link will take to you to my publisher, www.FemDomCave.Com to the page where you can buy the book.
Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.
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