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Nursery Crime

Using 'Jack and Jill' as a structural format, this is the tale of John, a man who is on the point of divorce. It turns out that the therapy is just an excuse to sign him into a mental hospital with a difference. A mental hospital that will take away his mind, his power to decide his own future and his entire contact with the 'normal' world outside.

Meanwhile one of the mental healthy inspectors has discovered the meaning of 'Ocean Cove Sanatorium' and plans to expose it to the authorities. Will she realise that this is no simple fraud and actually part of an empire of institutions that charge so highly to create slaves of husbands and lovers?

The fear of being sane and being locked in an asylum is a fear that most people would rather not even consider. This tale is almost more of a sexual horror story than anything else, as Maxine and her cohorts use to asylum to dispose of 'unwanted' people who stand in the way of those that need them out of the way.

Experience that fear...


28,000 words

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