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Made In Heaven

A man who has always been tied to his mother's apron strings has a wife selected for him by his overbearing mother. Her idea is that he will pass from the chaparone nanny to his new wife. The woman selected by his mother is a professional dominatrix, to keep him in line for the rest of his life. That is the plan.

But, what is the sceret that the mother is hiding?

Why does she want her son to fall under the spell of another woman?

What deep secrets is she hiding, what will the wife find when she digs deep enough?

55.000 words

This is a novel that started as a short story. The ideas was just going to be the path to a truly Femdom marriage. Then I had to write more! So, it moves from the pre-marriage and manipulation to the institutional slavery that the husband suffers to end in a fight for something that the mother values very highly... Difficult not to make spoilers ruin this!

The tale gets very intense and then slackens off a little as mother and wife fight for posession of the one thing that the son and husband has left before he falls into the total grip of these dominating women.

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