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This website allows you to download around 400,000 words of degenerate female domination writings. Why the fuck would you possibly want to leave it for other writings?

But you do, don't you?

Better far that you follow my directions... so, simply click on the names of the web pages and wander the web...


FemDomCave is the best place to find my commercially written fiction. It also is where I publish first, whether ‘free to download’ or commercial. FemDomCave is my publisher, (so I have declared my interest…) they also publish a great many other authors who are also writing in the Female Domination field.

You could do worse than sign up for life membership and get EVERY novel and collection that I have written as well as the writing of many other Femdom authors that they publish. Just follow this link...


a regularly updated femdom website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Femdom Destiny  More content than nearly every other Female Domintion website out there. All of your little secret fetishes, all of those nasty little obsessions are on offer. Mostly media content the choice makes it a rather 'go-to' place for inspiration and ideas. Since this site is a nexus rather than a direct content provider the material can be a little patchy, but Femdom Destiny makes it easy to seek and find. Surf and then find that guilty little secret hidden in a corner of the site.

Understories is a strange place run with some rare flair and panache by Dijan. Recently rebuilt, the website offers a great deal. It offers a selection of fiction a mixture of film snippets and access to a great selection of pictures on Tumblr. Much of the fiction is male domination in orientation but there is now a fair amount of female domination fiction starting to appear.The site has a comfortable design that likens it to a blog and still allows you to access the 'old' site where all the entries could be clicked to from the spines of the small books in his library.

SatinSubmissions You will look so pretty in pink! As soon as you open the site, you will know what is happening here! You are heading down a path where frills, curls, delicate lace and satin will be your life from now on. Obedience is so much easier for a man when he is constantly aware of his sexual duty to submit. This site has a clean design, it is a growing site that has a small selection of stories at the moment. Probably worth keeping an eye on...

ASSTR is an amazing place. It can be difficult to search, impossible and frustrating to skim, but under it all there is a mass of erotic, pornographic and shocking fiction that allows no censorial and editorial limits on either quality or subject matter. Other sites shy from much that is written, ASSTR embraces it.

BDSMLibrary has a huge selection of fiction. In fact it is almost unending in scope with every flavour and fetish catered for under the aegis of a stifling commercial patchwork of links to sex-chat lines and sites that offer pornography at gold plated prices. Seek between the advertising, the popups and the turgid animated GIFs and find the story search engine, there is some great fiction here when you lift up the stones…

Lulu This is the place that I use to print the hardback versions of some of my fiction. Print on demand! I have placed all of my ‘free to download’ writing in several volumes that cost a great deal, but for those that prefer a book rather than a screen… Of course you will find all that I offer on Lulu also as PDFs on this site, so buy only if you want to collect rather than just read Miss Clearmont’s writings.

Femdom-resource An up to date blog, a true enthusiast’s collection of links, comments and places to search further. This is an Adult site in the sense that it does not have that childish  attitude towards female domination, it is truly adult… Take a look.

FDLinks A radical mixture of fiction, sites and resources. It’s like a vast shopping list for those with that deviant like of women who  make their men suffer. Browse and browse some more.

Dan’s Femdom Links A well maintained and chosen collection of diverse links to a variety of resources. Updates seem to arrive every month or so.

Dominatrix The Dominatrix awaits her submissive for face sitting, foot worship, and other bondage / BDSM activities every mistress enjoys. Come meet the femdoms. The dictionary and resources list are interesting, go take a peek.

Flames Of Desire

"A promise is a promise," she said as he left the house. I shall choose a mark and you will bear it etched on your flesh forever to show your devotion and obedience!"

He paused for a moment and looked her in the eye.

"A discrete tattoo," he said. "Perhaps your initials?"

"My choice!"

"Your choice!"

He shuddered inside as he realised that she was making it a condition of their affair, this tattoo that she was so eager to inflict. Still, it was what she wanted and she always got what she wanted! Their lovemaking was like a war between them, a war that she nearly always won as she fucked him and made him climax in a welter of control and sheer force of personality.

"I'll have my friend Lucy here when you come tomorrow and she'll do it!"

"I'm not sure if..." he said.

"Just ten minutes and it'll be all over," she replied with a small smirk. "Really quick!"

He breathed a sigh of relief. Ten minutes would not be some vast design that covered him in colour, but rather a small mark that he could always cover or rid himself of at a later time.

"What time?"

"Half nine and make sure that you keep the night free. I can't wait to play with my little marked man."

He laughed. It was so like her to want to mark him as her property. She had all the rest of him, why not ensure that he carried the sign of her control everywhere...

"OK then, tomorrow at nine thirty."

He could feel the erection swell as he walked from the door to the waiting taxi. There was no denying it, she was the most inventive of all the partners that he had ever had. Dominant, possessive and controlling, but that made the game all the better.


"Lucy here," came the voice from the phone.

"It's set for tomorrow night. Half past nine!"

"You want to go through with it then?"

"Of course!"

"Does he know what is in store?"

"He thinks that it's a tattoo."

"Well then, it will come as quite a shock."

"I know..."

"What letter do you want then?"

"Just a 'J' for Jackie."

"Right then. I'll bring the branding iron and blow torch, all you have to do is to make sure that he is cuffed and ready when I arrive."

"I'm really looking forward to that moment..."

"When he screams in pain?"

"Of course, at that delicious moment, he becomes all mine!"

The End

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