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Jon Zelig

The celebrated Jon Zelig writes about sexually intense, romantic, power exchange relationships.

He writes mostly Femdom (Maledom largely being the province of his twin sister Joy) often in conjunction with T&D, D&S, FLR, Chastity Play and Cuckolding...

He is working on honing his Paranormal Romance (PNR) chops, with a solid erotic component, as well. If those acronyms are alien? It might be best to at least look them up before deciding that this is what you want to read.

Age Play — usually a Wife-as-Dommy-Mommy , disciplining and taking care of a Bad-Little-Boy-Husband — is a recurring theme.

Joy writes a bit of, Dommy Daddy, with a Bratty-Adolescent-Wife, as in her 'Yes, No, Maybe' trilogy.

Jon and Joy follow the following guidelines:

No “adult babies,” no diapers, no cribs.

No incest, no violence, minimal compulsion.

More psychological domination than physical.

A bit of hand, hairbrush, or belt: no whips or crops or canes.

Pinked (or reddened) bottoms, backs, and thighs?  Yes.

Bleeding, bruising, damage?   Dear, God(dess)!  No!

Most of Jon's work takes place in a contemporary setting: sometimes this is with an “alternative reality” skew; some is set in the near- term “Gynarchic Future.”   Almost always — the intensity of the roles they are playing notwithstanding? — The Zelig Twins’  characters love and try to take care of each other.


What’s the point, really?  


Download 'Cuckoldry' in PDF format to load in another window of your browser.

Especially donated to Irene's site by Jon.

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