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Jo Paso

Jo Paso is a writer who is at home writing both longer, novel length, tales as well as shorter stories that throw the reader straight into a deeply personal world of female domination with a sharp push. Jo writes because of the  great satisfaction in expressive creation from putting pen to paper, or more accurately putting fingers to keyboard!

Beginning his 'normal' in the somewhat 'steady' world of the banking business, it could almost be said that Jo's personal form of escape is escapism pure, expecially since Jo has written works harking back to the sixties, the very moments of the emergence of women who learned to dictate rather than be dictated to. He is not adverse to adding touches of humor, as for example in his novel 'Desparate Kentish Housewives' that moves in the rural world of the Kentish countryside in the UK.

In addition to writing for our intense pleasure and amusement, Jo spends much of the time listening to the music of the 1960's and classical music as well as reads a great deal. One of Jo's loves is to to seek out the erotica that rises above the common herd and settle with authors that combine sophisticated writing with the added soupcon of intense sexual emotion.


I am glad to be able add a writer of Jo's capabilities to the audience on my website and feel that some of those that taste the small offering that is presented here, will further seek more of this writing.

Download the short story from Jo Paso, 'Bellringers',

Jo's writing can be found on many sites, but the most complete collection is on www.FemDomCave.Com

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