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My first novel, 'Denise' introduced a character who started with a just a minor part and soon came to take over the novel and become the main protagonist.

Miss Irene Clearmont has it all!

Money, power, sexual magnetism, unending lust for power and enough experience and ruthlessness to make it all come true for her. As the author of 'Denise' and 'Diane' I soon found that I owed a debt that would become a pleasure to pay. Irene and I soon reached an agreement... I would use her name and she would have more existence at the nib of my pen!

It was not difficult to include her in my writing, weaving a skein of immoral slavery and institutional female domination. Miss Irene Clearmont has now figured in several novels, a trilogy and several shorter pieces that all, somehow, have a connection with her world. I keep adding her to my writing. After all, I am nothing more than one of her creations as sure as she is one of mine.

Irene encompasses all that is deadly in her world. She has killed, dealt drugs, tortured, run a criminal empire, trained, broken and used and abused women and men for her gratification. She has found herself in her own cells and escaped to tell the tale. Irene is the ultimate dominatrix, a woman who walks over everyone with her spiked heels and climaxes as she does so!

Some stories only have a touch of Irene. A link through a minor character or a moment's appearence. Others delve so much deeper. Novels like 'Denise', 'Dark Widow', 'The Second Circle Of Hell' and 'Rules Of Engagement' are fully immersed, others just hint at the events that move in Irene's world. These short stories really are part of that series. Consistency is not a strong point of mine when moving from novel to novel. I occasonally allow a different view on events, but in general the sceme of her life is followed and the details coloured in for the reader.


These tales all have some connection to the fantasy world of Miss Irene Clearmont and their connection is strong... To read, just click on teh title and the PDF file will be uploaded. From there you can save it if you wish...

Saturday Interview In Manhattan

A man who is not a journalist meets a woman who is also not what she seems. Irene introduces him to her world as she takes him into her arms. This was to be the start of the sequel of 'Denise', but it became instead, a short ode to the way that Irene operates in her world. Unwilling can become willing and vica-versa.

Phoenix Rising

Part I of a two part tale, of which 'Crystal' is the second part. A young rich layabout finds a new career in the Bahamas as he takes a ride in a ship that he should never have boarded.


Part II of a two part tale, of which 'Phoenix Rising' is the first part. The lawyer, Crystal, (from Phoenix rising) befriends a young woman who is in trouble. Somehow she has become involved with a drug using abusive boyfriend. This is the tale of how Crystal helps her gain revenge for the abuse as well as the stroy of how a mna is truly broken by a determined woman.


Those pathetic scam eMails one gets! The 419 begging mails... This one is not after money, it's after you! Your flesh for a vile new slave trade... the sex-slave trade. Only a fool would visit Nigeria when invited! Only a bigger fool would take his wife with him! The result is that husband and wife travel to Africa discover that there is far more going on than meets the eye. I placed a real 419 letter to open the story. On rereading I realise that this opening letter it is far too long, but I am no longer editing these tales, so it remains...

Gail's Long Day

Total control. Total... mechanised, programmable and with no escape. Gail's long day seemingly lasts forever. Gail is trapped in her own house by an electronic surveillence system that watches and punishes, milks and abuses her at every moment while she struggles to serve the woman that owns her so completely. Just a single day of her life is followed, starting at five and ending late at night. Every day Gail will repeat her misery and utter slavery... Occasionally it falters a little, after all such a long piece about just a few hours is a complex task to write. But, it is fresh and flows quite well, so much so tyhat I wrote a novel based on a similar idea called 'Programming Language' where the scope is somewhat larger in compass. The longest of my shorter tales, the result is an immersive 'almost horror' story of complete domination that just never lets up.

The Commission

He decides to sell his irritating partner to the Service Institute. This is a 'feature' short-story connected with 'The Second Circle Of Hell' written to replace the usual excerpt that I offer of any commercial writing. It follows one unexplained spur of the novel and takes the reader into Irene's world of the Service Institute.

With Friends Like These...

Opening Words

"So tell me, how did it go last night?"

"Well, Sam, I told him that I was so pissed off with that affair as well as all the lies and deceptions that I am going to leave him."

"What the fuck did he say to that?"!

"Well, you were right… he begged for me to stay, he did all he could to persuade me. I reckon that he might actually mean it as well."

"I take it that you didn’t tell him about your little affairs… you know with Pete from the gym and Robert a year ago?"

"Of course not! Jesus, Sam, what sort of an idiot do you really think that I am. What he does and what I do are two different things. If he’s too stupid to realise that I am having a little cock on the side, then he’s getting what he deserves!"

"Kelly, you’re such a bitch, really you are! Ever since school, you’ve been playing this game and got away with it too. When you married I really thought that those days were gone, but you just kept going…"

"New rules, but the game goes on, Sam, the game goes on. In fact I was thinking that there might be a little twist to add to the rules…"

"What do you mean?"

"Well you remember how I was going out with Ray in college and then two-timed him with Steve?"

"Remember? Of course! I just remember the look on Ray’s face when you made him watch you kiss Steve behind the science block and made him weep as you told him that Steve’s cock was bigger and that was why you had decided to allow him to fuck you, but that you’d allow Ray to watch if he liked."

"Ray ran off crying like a baby…"

"So what are you up to?"

"Well I was wondering if little hubby could play the part of Ray and Pete from the gym could play the part of Steve?"

"You wouldn’t?"

"I would, in fact the more that I think about it, the better it sounds to me."

"So, you actually tell him that you’re having an affair, that you have a lover?"

"Why not? I can pass it off as a trade for his affair and then see how it goes. I just have to work out how to make sure that hubby doesn’t walk off in a huff and that that Pete knows all about the game that I’m playing."

"They’ll both never go for it."

"I bet that they will. It’s gonna be fun…"

"OK, so what’s the stake?"

"Oh, I’ll think of something."

"You are so devious, Sam. What do you know that I don’t?"

"Just one small thing… if you’re game for the bet then I’ll tell you. I’ll give you a day to find out or guess…"

"Shit, Sam. You know that I love you, but you really push the envelope."

"Then I’ll seal it with a loving kiss…"

The Bet

"So, how did it go then?"

"I told him that I really fancied Pete."

"Jesus, what the fuck did he say to that then?"

"Well, he wasn’t happy at all about it, but he thinks that I’m just playing a game."

"You are!"

"Yes but the game is not the one that he thinks that I’m playing."

"Did you tell him that you were going to ask Pete out?"

"Not straight away, first we had a discussion about his little sideways indiscretions."

"Ah, I get it! You first had to browbeat him a little…"

"Yep, it was much easier than I thought that it was. In the end I walked out on him and told him that I wanted to try a different partner just like he did."

"What was his reaction to that then?"

"He shouted at me and I told him not to wait up for me ‘cos I was going to the gym."

"He’ll think that you were just getting your own back by winding him up."

"Not when I get back he won’t!"

"Are you really going for this? Have you thought about the bet?"

"Of course, I think we have to consider the stakes."

"OK then, but to win you have to get hubby to watch you get fucked by Pete to win."

"Of course, that’s the whole idea."

"So what’re the stakes?"

"I was almost tempted to make it a dollar like in that film, ‘Trading Places’."

"What, you mean the one where the two old guys destroy Dan Aykroyd’s life for a dollar bet?"

"That’s the one…"

"No, I reckon that you’ll never manage it and I don’t want just a symbolic dollar!"

"OK then, how about if you win I’ll be yours for a week?"

"Mine? In what way?"

"Anything you like!"

"If you think that that’s a good idea then I’ll really make you suffer for a week!"

"I know that you will, but of course the return will be true!"


"Of course anything… I’ll have you as a maid and do all sorts of horrible things to you!"

"You won’t win, and I’ll have you naked for a week while you serve me in a thousand immoral ways!"

"OK then that’s the bet. If hubby watches me fucking Pete without leaving me then I win, otherwise you win. Let’s say, I’ve got two days to manage it!"

"How am I going to know that you managed it?"

"I guess that I’ll just have to film it then!"

"OK then, Sam, then you’d better make sure that you win."

"I will…"


"So, how did it go?"

"I’ll tell you in a moment, Kelly. First I need a glass of wine!"

"Ah, you lost?"

"I just need a glass of red, there’s a lot to tell you."

"OK now. You’ve got the wine, tell me all about it."

"It was the strangest night I’ve ever spent in my life."

"Start at the beginning and I’ll pour myself a glass as well."

"Well it goes something like this. I left you in the wine bar where we decided the bet and went to the gym. Of course Pete was there, he’s my personal trainer and I had an appointment. While I worked out, I told him that hubby was away and invited him to the house for a fuck."

"He went for it?"
"Of course he did, in fact we hadn’t fucked for a week and he was pretty desperate to get his hands on the goods. So it was just before midnight when we got back to my place. Pete was groping me in the car all the way back. With one hand he undid my bra and had me half undressed before we got home."

"Where hubby was waiting?"

"I knew that he’d be in bed by eleven, he was on early shift the next day, so Pete and I snuck in in the dark. I was giggling and he was trying to have me stripped and ready for action by the time that we got into the sitting room. I just managed to balance my phone to record the action before he was stepping out of his trousers."

"Jesus, Sam, what the fuck happened when the cuckolded husband appeared?"

"It was wonderful Kelly; he opened the door of the living room to find me bend over the sofa with Pete fucking me from behind, so I got to see his face as he opened the door. He just stood there in his pyjamas staring at us fucking. I came just from the look on his face."

"And Pete?"

"He almost pulled free, I really thought that he was about to stop, but I shouted, ‘Fuck me and ignore my wanker of a husband’ and he managed to keep thrusting. In fact he came into me with a rush and gasped with the climax. It was perfect!"

"What happened next? I’m almost wet with anticipation…"

"Pete pulled out and I beckoned hubby to take his turn at the glory hole that was already dripping with Pete’s come."

"Did he?"

"He did, but that wanker of a husband is nothing compared to Pete! Pete has twice the cock and twice the talent. I had to frig myself to come again while Pete watched with a strange smile on his face."

"What do you mean?"

"He got off again watching me get fucked as I called my husband seven sorts of shit while he fucked me. Pete actually managed to come again while I gave my little hubby a hard time."

"All this is on film?"

"Of course! Hubby didn’t manage to come, in fact the sight of Pete’s monster cock in his hands seemed to be putting him off, so I climaxed again and so did Pete, but poor little hubby had to be satisfied with nothing at all."

"So, then what happened?"

"Well I packed hubby off to bed and kissed Pete goodbye."

"So how long did it last?"

"Just fifteen minutes from the time that Pete walked in to when he left, but I’ve decided that it is going to happen again. And again."

"You’re going to do it again? Sam, you’re the limit, here let’s see the evidence!"

"Have a look for yourself!"

"Wow, Pete is massive, how do you fit him all in?"

"He just knows how to use what God gave him…"

"Jesus, there’s your hubby, shit, he’s just staring!"

"He knows when he’s beat!"

"So how are you going to manage it again?"

"Well you lost the bet, so next time I’m going to catch hubby in bed with you and then Pete is going to have a ball, or rather hubby is!"

"You want me to fuck your husband?"

"You promised and I told you that you were going to do some immoral things for me!"

"I thought I’d win!"

"I discussed it with Pete, he reckons that having my inane husband sucking his cock while you pull him off will make him mine forever. You only have to do it for a week and then the debt is paid! By then I’ll have my little husband wrapped around my finger and enough film to blackmail him with."

"And me? Am I going to be blackmailed as well?"

"Of course, Kelly, but you’ll love being my little slave so much that you’ll be gagging to be punished."

"As long as I can be fucked by Pete!"

"Oh, we’ll all get to fuck you. You’ll be fucked all right..."

The End.

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