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Miss Irene Clearmont

Welcome to my world... a degenerate world where women rule, where sexual fetish is the key to a man's obedience, where service and gratification are one and the same... a pleasure trip for the female of the species.

For the last fifteen years or more I have been writing some of the most deviously extreme and literate female-domination fiction in the English language. There are so many authors writing in this genre but there are few that dare to go where I lead, into the inner fantasies and demented dreams of those who need more than gentle tales of leather and lace. And yet, I also want my readers to enjoy the tales as entertainment plot-wise. I want the characters to be in 3D and their impulses to be backed by their needs and wants.

I love to make my characters dance for me. Male or female, they are always at risk, at the mercies of the strong women who rule my world. They fall from grace, are rescued and abandoned, abused and gratified. Willingly led to the slaughter, fighting every step, nevertheless they go. No character is safe, no plot is ever finished until you have read the very last word.


Since the beginning of 2011 I have been published commercially. Reaching my devoted readers through the Internet, with printed and ebooks. You will find selections of my tales scattered far and wide, but here... on this, my own website, you will find all of that and more.

Two full novels, the first that I wrote, are free to read and download from this site and almost thirty short tales that vary between a few thousand words and more than thirty thousand. Beside those are a few tales from fellow writers, some small hidden stories that adorn pages of the site, and much more.

I indulge in almost no self-advertising. I maintain just a few sites that will tell you what Miss Irene Clearmont is up to... this one and a FaceBook (link: FB) page are the main places. Goodreads is occasionally updated, but otherwise I have little interest in social media.

Instead, I allow my characters tell my story for me. Those that want to find me know where I am, those that do not will just have to search a little harder!

If I am silent, there is no need for me to say much, my readers will crawl to my feet eventually! Male and female, they occasionally write to me with their comments and, if I am satisfied with their tone, then I occasionally return the compliment.  


Browse this site, enjoy the snippets of fiction, read my longer pieces. Find my comments on the dozens of novels already written to find your poison. Head into the oblivion of servitude, enjoy the slide into obsession and fetishistic slavery. Glory in the sharp touch of the whip and the invasion of every corner of your mind. There are no 'safe-words' on this site because in my world of literary female domination there is no safe place to hide.

Here, you will surely suffer at the touch of my pen...

Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.
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