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Honey Trap

This is the fourth and final novel in a series of four. Even though it is complete in itself, it follows on from:

Dark Widow: Miss Irene Clearmont creates the perfect slave from the widow after a murder.

Second Circle Of Hell: Now wealthy, a struggle begins to control a sex slave institute in the U.S.

Rules Of Engagement: A subtle struggle for superiority in the Middle East slave market.

Honey Trap: The authorities conspire to close the slave trade, read on...

As you will see below, a single line does not begin to clarify the complexity and power of these intense Female Domination novels.

The longest of all of the 'Clearmont' novels, Honey Trap is a complex thriller with intense scenes and a plot that brings many strands from the first three novels in the series as well as from shorter tales that touched on this version of the world. Mainly set in Korea (North and South), the main plot strand is an attempt by two women to penetrate the Golden Palace. A pleasure palace that is owned by the fearsome Mrs Tokashirimaso. The two agents, Charley (FBI) and Ga (ANSP) find themselves befriended by the Hye triplets. These devious young bitches are three identical sadistic Korean girls, who lead Ga and Charley to the Golden Palace. The game between agents and hosts becomes ever more intense as they try to gather evidence of the slave trade. Meanwhile, in the communist north of Korea, the state sets up its own slave institute to make money from the capitalist west. A strange place with a stranger inception...

As prey and hunter circle each other, the authorities in Turkey, the USA, Scotland and Korea prepare to eliminate the sex slave trade in a simultaneous attack of huge proportions.

A cataclysm approaches! Violence, blackmail, bribery, abuse, fear, betrayal and love all have their parts to play as the elements mingle and those who are powerful, clever or just plain lucky will survive. Once the furnace is ignited, it will burn all of those who risk too much...

Really, I just do not want to create spoilers for this one... it's too good a read.

109,000 words

First of all size... because size matters! This book is the longest novel that I have written so far. Massive in so many respects! I had to re-read and re-absorb over twenty tales written by me so far to trawl for open plots and characters. Those in the know will spot a few characters who had cameo parts in other novels and reappear here. Meanwhile, the action spans Side in Turkey, Oban in Scotland, Long Island in the USA and of course Seoul in Korea as well as an unnamed secret place in the North. The research was a daunting task for me. Poetry, haiku and delicate quotes and touches. Plots that interweave and then part and characters that stand as real and complete. As a single plotline I have never written anything like this before.

Next on the list are the new ideas. A crystal maze where hunter and prey are followed by an avid and excited audience. A human pony-training stable that is all that a fetishist could desire and perhaps so much more. A Golden Palace where everything is created for pure pleasure for the owners and hell for the slaves. Obsession, brutality, fetish and sex in plenty of course! The book has a plot that leads the reader one way and then thows the reader the other. No character is really ever safe, and even the last lines may well come as a shock.

With this book I rest the tales from the 'Miss Irene Clearmont' universe for the moment. I may pick it up again, but I think that it has more or less run its course with around a third of a million words in just the four 'official' novels listed above (before I even begin to count a novella, another novel (Denise) and several shorter stories letters and other pieces that trace various strands). Nothing is ever certain and maybe we have not hard the last of the fictional Miss Irene Clearmont. The character that inspired my own pen name.

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