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Miss Irene Clearmont

I write female domination erotica. ADULT, intense, strongly plotted, passionate, severe, brutal, fervent and loving. My intent is to take my readers on an excursion through my imagination. Bend them to my will and show them that their ideas of female domination stretch only as far as their shadow, not to the delectable horizons that are waiting. My intent is to fuck your minds with bliss and horror and leave you gasping for moreā€¦

There is no pleasure without pain.
No climax without first climbing the mountain...

Explore my world, a world where FD stories do not have to be mere shopping lists. Where the plot takes you into the character's minds and allows you to experience their agony and exctasy. Here you can read the tales that I first wrote to learn the art of twisting obsession and fetish around my long fingers... here you are at home... Here you are in my hand...

Everything on this site is free... A quarter of a million words of FD fiction as well as so much more. Indulge, wander and see for yourself why Miss Irene Clearmont is becoming such a force in FD erotica...


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