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Girls' Club

This novel follows three woman who meet and form a Female Domination Girls' Club devoted to creating submissive men from their husbands, lovers and boyfriends. Of course the plot does not run smooth. How could that be in the world of Miss Irene's writing? The lift-off is the woman who discovers the pleasures of a submissive husband step by step on her own and then tries to convince her two best friends to follow her lead. A further, more mature woman becomes drawn in, having a drastic effect on their friendship. This then expands to envelop the other women that she knows, but each in a different way and with a different result.

Emma's husband works for her family's firm. In a fit of pique she loses him his job and finds that he just mopes at home when he is unemployed. Piece by piece she reassembles him into a submissive and trapped man who cannot refuse any of her increasingly demanding needs. Her two close friends, a Polish woman by the name of Elka and an English friend, Daniella, are invited to see the result. One rejects the idea of controlling her man the other seems eager. How these two women move in the direction that they are pulled to occupies the latter half of the novel.

This is a fairly domestically set novel, though in the unexpected finale things do not turn out as perhaps the reader would imagine. It includes feminisation, domestic submission, twists of fetishistic plot, but never crosses the line into 'institutional' female Domination fiction and the corporal punishment is low key.

47.000 words

I write so often about fetishstic and institutional female domination. I wondered how it would be if a loose group of disparate women joined to create an institution, but then found that perhaps it was not what they had become friends for. I thought that it would be interesting to take three different approaches to female domination and weave them into a single tale. In order to provide motion in the plot, an older woman makes her presence felt in more ways than one. I suppose it is a part of my make-up as a writer to write older characters into storylines. I myself am in my middle fifties and know that experience and knowledge as well as the greater resources of an older woman can be an assistence in keeping those men in their place. The novel swings away a little from the last two in that there is no real caning or corporal punishment. These women gain control by innate superiority, not fear of agony on the part of a husband or lover.

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