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No man becomes a willing sissy-plaything of others easily.

No woman can hope to tempt with allure alone. Some chemistry, some interaction, some love and some lust, some tide of events must sweep those involved into their fates. This is a densely plotted novel that starts with a small group of male friends in a bar and finishes with betrayal, sissyfication, sexual misuse, bisexual rape, forced feminisation and emasculation. Do not mistake my obsessive addiction to plot and character-development for a lack of graphic description... the latter half of this novel is a breathtaking roller-coaster with almost every conceivable mixture of the main characters as they resolve their struggles.

Ysabel : HR manageress. A woman who is seeking a man who can be twisted to her need for servile gratification.
Ajlal    : Ysabel's asian friend and confident. A woman who teeters between the dominant and submissive.
Matt    : The man who finds himself the victim of a woman bending every effort to move him to his feminine side.
Mike    : The manager whose wife allows him love-affairs and bends totally to his perverted needs willingly.

By the way, watch the spelling of the title of this one!

Girlfiend, the numbers...

55000 words
187 pages
40 chapters
3 women
2 men
1 slave-wife
1 bull
1 sissy-gurl
1 mommy

55.000 words

I slowed down when I moved to yet another country. In 2013 I moved from Switzerland to Spain, and it disrupted my writing. To step back onto the writing-train I wrote a collection of shorter stories before tackling a novel. This is that novel! An exploration of office politics that rises like a tsunami to sweep all away before it in a sexual tide of domination. Much of the work was done in the editing stage, an unusual method for me, but that fitted the dense plotting that filled the book.

Even though it seems that there are just two main characters, when one reads more carefully the voyage of Mike and
Ajlal in which they both change their tastes significantly as they discover each other is a major part of the story.

I enjoyed writing this novel a great deal and I think that it shows.

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