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Full Dressage

Subjegating Samuel

Part III

Sissy Samuel escapes to find himself in a pony farm... Miss Isabella adds Samuel to her stable to be prepared for sale as a filly. He is trained to be a gift for Tiffani's eighteenth birthyday by her mother. We see the stables both from Samuel's point of view as well as the preparations for a Gala event that will include a number of stables. Meanwhile, the reader gets a view of the Parlour where the unsucessful ponies end their days as well as other events that will all have an effect on Samuel's captive life.

20.000+ words

This is the third part of the series, 'Subjugating Samuel'. I have touched on the idea of men and women being trained as ponies in 'Honey Trap'. Here we see the whole of the organisation that is needed for training. The various victims being prepared, a visit to a gymkana where the various stables compete as well as the parlour where, in the darkness, the failed ponies are reduced to fettered animals for their owner's pleasure and profit.

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