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Female Principals

What starts with a visit by a young woman to her aristocratic boyfriend's parents, ends with a wife subverted to become obsessed with dominating men. Along the way is a exhibition of pictures that takes the reader around the whole gallery of female domination. You should know by now that nothing is as it seems in my writings, men act as ciphers for their mistresses, professional dominatrices stalk the halls of their studios and subvert all whom they come into contact with. A married couple is caught in this maelstrom, men and women fall and are sucked into the deep waters.

The novel is split into seven acts, each one continuing the plot but handing the baton to other players until towards the end. In the last two acts, the characters crystalise and the characters resolve. This novel is really a bit of a mind-fuck for the reader. Expect to be challenged, just a little, and led down paths that your fetish has perhaps not taken you to yet. There is plenty of raw action as well as the usual dip into the mind of a group of disparate group of women who just love to make others suffer in their power.

57.000 words

You should know me by now! Here is a story line that wanders through the corridors of the mind. I have managed perhaps the shortest savage twist in my writing, with the last two words providing the push. This story had its genesis in three short stories that I wrote and then never got around to allowing to be published. I took them as the basis (actually scarcely a word is still in place from the originals) for the plot and then found that (as per usual) the whole thing got out of control and the characters just walked all over my plot with their spiked heels digging into the phrases and plotlines.

So I gave them their head, allowed them life and watched as they decided where they wanted to go. It is a rather haphazard method of writing that becomes difficult at the editing stage of affairs, but is usually worth the extra effort. I must admit, that I like the book a lot! That is not unusual for me, a mother and her child. However, this one is a nice little trip through the darker forest of the mind and I am sure that you will have fun with it.

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