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Fast and Loose

I have written collections, novels and novellas. I thought it would be good to add shorter commercial tales for my readers. A quick blast, 5000+ words of domination and pain, climax and chastity! Servile sex and slavery at the whims of a woman who knows what you want. Each of these stories is available from my publisher's site.

Four tales so far:

Three Times Three

The Ice Queen

Writer's Cramp

Auntie's Candy

(See the bottom of the page for the link to FemDomCave.Com)

Each is whole in itself, but they may allow me to develop ideas from other books already written. If you like, look at these as the 'poppers' of my writing, the fast zipless fucks that  have no trailing relationship!

Three Times Three

It has been a while since I have indulged my taste in the strange world of the mystical. Modern and direct, mystical with hints of deeper mysteries, female domination that sweeps men from its path like a new broom. This tale tells of three women who inevitably seek their revenge for the abuse that men seem to think that they can inflict witout recompense. I dare not reveal too much of the plot, but the tale is designed to leave you wondering who is the heroine... indeed, what is she? Enjoy the dominatrix scenes of whipping and humiliation, the bimbo-slut who opens for her boss and the distant wife who shreds her husband with ease. All of them with reason to revenge themselves on the men who abuse them...

12,000 words

The Ice Queen

The queen bitch allows herself to be picked up in a hotel bar by a man who regards himself as a philanderer, a man of the works. In the room she tears him apart, punishes him for his self assurance and then makes him damaged goods for his wife. The whole story is a single sex scene that shows how a woman can manipulate and destroy any man with just the flick of a finger. The end sees him.... well you'd better read it, but there's one thing for sure, you won't be picking up any more women in bars...

6,000 words

Aunties Candy

Horror, sex, domination, punishment and sheer elan. This is not a tale to read if you are squeamish! It follows the path of Orland, a young 17 year old who has lost his parents and finds himself under the guardianship of his strict aunt. The action shows the run-up to his eighteenth birthday and the party itself. He comes under more and more pressure until at last the dam bursts and he falls into a maelstrom of his Auntie's tender care. All she wants is the money and a cute little girly girl to torment for ever. This is horror as much as it is an painful trip into the evil minds of his Aunt and her friends. It features a character or two from my novel 'Four Bitches' so hold your breath and prepare to be tormented until you are desperate.

9,000 words

Writer's Cramp

William starts his female domination writing at work. The first chapter of a novel that he hopes will make him big money when he sells it on the Internet. What he does not know is that he is being watched and someone is going to make his puerile efforts the story of his life. Teach him that his own fantasies are not the ones that he wants to live out for real. Then there's more. A book needs an editor and this one always punishes for mistakes...

17,000 words

This link will take to you to my publisher, www.FemDomCave.Com to the page where you can buy the book.
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