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Eve's Apples

This is the companion volume to ‘Original Sins’. It was the first of the two written and the first collection of short stories that I wrote since all of my free-to-download tales.

Similar in concept to
‘Original Sins', the seven short stories are interleaved with letters from that doyen of agony aunts, Maxine. A dominatrix that now appears in two other tales that I have since written. One is the novella ‘Nursery Crime’ where she is a central character and the other is the novel ‘The Second Circle Of Hell’ where she also gets a mention. In effect, with the letters, there are fourteen stories in ‘Eve’s Apples’, not just the seven with a synopsis below.

These tales cover a great deal of ground under the wide speading umbrella of the genre of Female Domination. ‘The Operation’ features body modification by a man whose wife wants him to stay young. ‘Northern Lasses’ is evil sexual blackmail at its best (worst) with a ‘working class’ twist! Then there is ‘Dream Of Falling’, slavery of the most abject kind.

On the one hand, you may fall into Eve’s arms and become her loving pupil or else you might find yourself a hotel maid who gives the guests extra service almost willingly and then makes a choice that will last the rest of her life…


A Distant Objective.    
A peeper gets in too deep. Too close… and closer yet. When he sees a murder he realises that he might just be in deeper than he expected. ‘Rear Window’ with a malevolent twist. It might not be all such a passive hobby…

Eves Apples.                 
Love and Female Domination. She copies her mother’s quest, but can she manage to keep the man whom she entraps or will he just flee, like Eves father?

Dream Of Falling.        
Is it just a dream? He hopes so because this is a dream that slides into nightmare. Or is reality actually sliding towards dream…

Hotel Bellevue.           
The night shift for the chamber maids is boring and tiring. Often the customers have requests that are so difficult to satisfy. When the woman in the penthouse suite needs the maid herself, there begins the story of the ultimate room service.

Northern Lasses.         
Working-class sexual slavery in the N.E. of England! Middlesbrough is a town that has passed its glory days, but the women there know how to keep a good man down and make him beg to pay them for punishing him… Diamonds in the rough or just brutal sluts that know how to get their way?

The Operation.             
Vanity has its price. The price is high… His wife has had enough operations to become the perfect trophy on his arm. Now he is heading for the operating table as well for a little rejuvenation. What will be the result, especially as the wife has got to know the surgeon intimately?

A very short piece which follows the three minute conversation of two people who meet in a speed dating meeting. Just three minutes for her to get her way…

51,000 words of deviant submission and domination.

Author's note:
This tale covers a small side affair from Dark Widow. It is pitched just a year or two before the events of that novel and was written to give a little closure to a person who asked me how it was that the fictional Miss Irene Clearmont failed her nurse's exams and what happened thereafter. If you like, it is the perhaps the first appearence of
Irene... read on!

Close-Up Examination

There was small noise in the dark.

A creak possibly or maybe it was the small cry of a woman climaxing or perhaps being punished for some infraction.

No, it was the creak of a door. First opened and then closed with attending step of the woman who had entered the room. Every single person in the house, from the highest to the lowest knew that measured footstep and experienced at least a small frisson of uncertainty or fear. When Miss Irene Clearmont entered a room all who were there had better be prepared to listen, answer and serve.

Veronica, Irene's close companion, punished her victims still harder than her mistress, was more ruthless and cold in her treatment of her victims, but somehow, Irene was worse... more personal...

The footsteps crossed the room and the listener knew that Irene was standing now near the large bay window that looked over the Long Island scenery.

There was absolute still for perhaps five minutes before the footsteps indicated that Irene had walked to her desk, the creak of the leather as she sat and then the rattle of the receiver on the telephone and the slight click as she dialled.

Muffled, but clear, Irene spoke for a few moments into the phone.

"Ra'fah, darling," said Miss Clearmont's voice. "I just called to make a few arrangements before your visit here in the good ol' US of A!"

There was a brief pause as Irene listened and then a short laugh followed by: "Ra'fah, Ra'fah, slow down a bit. There is plenty of time for you to meet your commitment to me. Anyway, when the freighter gets to Boston, the Institute will take on the cargo and make sure that all the customers that have been lined up get their goods."

Another pause and then: "I am so looking forward to your visit and I am sure that you will be amazed at the changes in the place since you were last here. I don't think that you have met Hillary yet, she is now responsible for all female training , I think that you'll like her..."

Finally Irene said her goodbyes followed by the  click of the receiver in its cradle.

A slight creak and then a drawer was opened followed by a scratching of a key in a lock.

The lock so close to the listener...

A crack of light opened and the middle aged woman found herself being granted a view of Miss Irene Clearmont’s silk clad legs and shoes. The door opened under the vast desk to reveal a small arrangement that gave Irene so much pleasure. Ready for intimate use at any time, a slave woman who had now good reason to regret having crossed Miss Irene Clearmont in the past.

It had been twenty years ago...


Mrs  Deidre McCann, a senior ward nurse in the St. Christopher Hospital in New York. Not just another senior sister, but Deidre was in charge of training, practical examinations and staff induction.

Tonight was the final interview with a failed candidate for senior nurse, general ward duty. That awful Irene Clearmont, a woman who had been a thorn in the side of Deidre for well over a year now. At last that time was coming to an end, because Deidre was sure, that when she failed Irene, she would leave and be out of Deidre’s hair. If, however, Irene had passed the exam and the practical’s, Deidre would have to guide her for another two years. A prospect that was not at all to the taste of the senior nurse.

The glass door opened and Irene came into the office. She was a little mature to be doing the exams, but there again, some just start late in life!

"Sit down, Miss Clearmont," said Deidre with a small wave of the hand. "I have been considering the results that you got in the theoretical exams as well as the practical exercises and have called you here to discuss my decision as regards the St Christopher Hospital examination course for senior nurses."

Irene looked at the woman who she knew did not like her and waited. The presence of both these determined and forceful women filled the room to overflowing.

"I am afraid that I have to tell you that you have failed the practical examinations and passed the theoretical exams," said Deidre.

She fully expected an outburst from Irene. An explosion of wrath that she braced herself for, but there came nothing! It was the practical examinations that were subjective and under Deidre's control. They were the ones that would take the most effort to resit.

"You failed on the treatment side, Irene," said Deidre, "not the diagnosis and theoretical..."

It was at that moment that Irene leaned forward and hissed, "Either you pass me or you will regret it for the rest of your life!"

"I'm sorry? Are you threatening me?"

Irene leaned back and gazed at Deidre with a gimlet like stare. She knew why she had been failed. Personal conflict, her rough treatment of patients and small observations and suspicions on the part of Deidre.

"I'll ask again, are you threatening me?"

"I'm telling you..."

"You are dismissed and you can count yourself lucky that there will be no mark on your record!"

Irene stood and looked down on Deidre before whispering, "Not today, not tomorrow, but sometime in the future, you had better watch your back..."

"Out now," shouted Deidre. "Now!"


The letterbox slammed closed and the letters fluttered to the floor behind the front door.

Deidre picked them up idly and leafed through them as she went back to her coffee on the kitchen table.

"Bill, bill, advert, bill and prize draw," she muttered as she dealt the letters onto the table like cards.

The prize draw envelope caught her eye because it had no branding or other advertising other than a small statement at the bottom of the envelope that announced: 'You have won a cruise to Florida. Twelve nights and return flight.'

Normally she tossed these brash come-ons in the bin, but this was just a little fascinating. Inside the envelope was a plain letter that announced that her participation in a credit card lottery had won her... There was a number to call to release the tickets and an address to check the validity of the prize.

"What is it darling," asked her husband when he saw her reading the letter and making a small noise of satisfaction.

"Honey I won a cruise, I think..."

"That's great he muttered, where to?"


"I love Florida at this time of year," he commented.

"It's just for me," she smiled. "It's a bit odd, but there is just a single ticket for a single cabin!"

"Oh, that's a shame..."

"It's next week!"

"Can you get the time off?"

"Of course, they owe me over three hundred hours at the moment, I'll use them."

"Well you'd better pack..."


The taxi, actually limousine, that arrived was in keeping with the idea that Deidre was going on a cruise.

Police later admitted that they had no reports of a car of that type and colour registered in Manhattan and that the car must have come from outside. The police also had to admit, after two months investigation, that they had no idea what the motive could be for such a complex and expensive abduction involving a mere nurse. The excuse that the police gave for their failure was of course, that after a week, the trail had gone cold and any report of an abduction usually has to be either solved, or well on the way towards being solved inside seventy two hours.


A hand reached down to the smooth head of the former head nurse and stroked the skin with an almost loving touch.

Once the door on the desk was opened the tightly restricted and helpless victim of Miss Clearmont could be slid out of the compartment to allow Irene to play with her as she willed.

Occasionally, just a small conversation. One sided of course, because it had been a number of years since Deidre was allowed to even utter a cry never mind actually form words that had meaning. Occasionally, Irene would use the small keypad at her disposal which controlled every function and node of pain and pleasure on the captured woman, but mostly Irene just liked to enjoy a little 'alone time' with Deidre. Slip out the drawer in which she was permanently mounted, welded tightly in position. Then, guide her face between Irene's thighs to extract a little pleasure, a little revenge and a great deal of satisfaction.

Today was one of those days!

A day for climax, a moment where she could enjoy the complete subjugation and humiliation of a woman who had thwarted her all those years ago.

"Enjoying the cruise still?" asked Irene as she opened her legs to reveal that hungry pussy that was served by so many who hoped and were forced to please her. "I have a wide ocean of pleasure between my legs!"

Deidre rolled her eyes up to look at the smiling face above her and opened her mouth as she was trained. Irene was the only person that she had even seen for the last ten years even though she knew there were others who remained out of her sight. Irene was her world, her entire experience, her universe.

Pleasing Irene was all that she was allowed to do.

Pleasing Irene was what she was created for.

For Deidre had been created by Irene.

Moulded and altered for mistress.

Her tongue probed deep.

A hand stroked her.

Deidre loved her owner.

Of that there was no doubt.

Loved  Irene  with  all  her  heart.

Irene was the only thing in Deidre's life.

She was at once goddess, mother, demon and lover.

Deidre tasted her owner and was glad that she belonged.

The End.

Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.
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