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Welcome To Irene's Website

Just having arrived from a friend's shared link, I welcome you and would like to give you a small personal introduction to my web site.

I write Female Domination fiction!

It's simple enough, but I write with a twist...

On this site you will find around 350,000 words (that would be around 1,400 printed pages) of complete short stories and novels on this site. All of it free to down load. Then you will find my descriptions of each commercial book that I have written. On some pages there are 'Easter egg' tales buried in the page as well...

I write because it is a passion and not a way of making a dime. I write because I love the genre and live it with my readers. I write because the are too many FD authors who write short stories masquerading as novels and too many authors who turn out pulp drivel without ever getting to the heart of the reasons that the reader reads. My output varies, no tale is ever the same, most fetishes are catered for and the writing is devious, threatening, literate, erotic, degenerate, loving and horrific... Expect a plot, expect characters who have a mind of their own, expect to be occasionally horrified and then treated to your deepest fantasy. Expect Miss Irene Clearmont.





I am in the wrong place, please show me kittens...
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