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Down at Heel

In 2016 I published a few novels and thought that it was time to create another anthology of short stories. Somewhere along the way, I wrote and wrote and wrote; and what I ended up with was the largest single volume of tales yet! Even longer than 'Lexicon of Female Domination', this collection of femdom stories eclipses them not just in terms of length, but in terms of girth as well! A collection of seven tales and two poems, it is three hundred pages of femdom story-telling that takes the reader into a fantasy world in which horror and love intermingle to rip you from everyday and banal life! From sissyfication, feminisation to fetishistic latex and horror. From castration to opression, forced bisexuality and chastity to the 1970's when everything was a little more restrained. I cover a lot of ground, so will you!

Two of the tales are novel length, another at novella size. In all 120,000+ words that take the reader from love to fear, lace to horror and tender moments to punishments that will linger in the mind long after the covers are closed.

The tales:

Come to Heel:
A husband discovers his wife’s affair the hard way… This can be downloaded here as a taster of the collection, (click on the cover above). Enjoy!

Queen Aunt:
A 70’s tale of how femdom used to be before the Internet took over. Using a contact magazine a student living at his Aunt's house enters a correspondence with a dominatrix by letter. The end result is perhaps not exactly what he expected.

Pussy Cat & Cream:
A husband whose wife discovers the delights of cuckoldry. This is a classic tale with a sting in the tale. The sting is that his wife's mother gets involved and poor little hubby finds that he loses the one thing that he treasures most... A powerful and horrifying end to a tale of forced bisexuality, cuckoldry and a wife who discovers that she just can't find enough lovers to feed her insatiable appetite for cock.

I have asked myself the question: What would happen if a sissy slave escaped his evil mistresses and managed to get to the police? This short tale is the answer to that question and shows that there would be little help to be had from the authorities whan a feminised slave tries to tell the police that she is being abused and used as a sex-slave!

Finding Chastity:
A strict landlady and all the rules that keep her house in order. The rules are there to be enforced, but rarely does it get this controlled! Then, it becomes plain, there is more to this rented room that meets the eye. In fact our disciplinarian landlady has more on the agenda than just collecting the rent.

Mother’s Milk:
A miscreant son is brought to a marriage in unholy matrimony. Much of this tale is set in an immoral nunnery where the hidden agenda is for female domination to spread and become a norm of society. Then there is the brat-princess-wife chosen by a mother who wants her son properly held under control. Latex nurses and nuns, a marriage with chains, training that breaks a man to service and a provocative sissy-boy that has his own agenda. It does not get much more fetishistic than this novel length tale...

The Visit:
A visit to a dominatrix and her malicious female slave. There is a slight problem that becomes apparent when the session gets underway. It seems that the limits set have moved more than just a little...

123,000 words of pure sexual domination, this collection will take you to places that you would never go, if I were not there to lead you on my leash!

Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.
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