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A young woman falls prey to a cabal of women who are greedy for her fortune.

Denise falls in with an old college friend, Kathy, who always had strange ideas about the treatment of her partners. As Denise discovers the attractions of her friend Kathy's deviant ways she finds herself becoming the passive victim rather than the active abuser as the dangerous Miss Irene Clearmont moves onto the scene.

Kathy's devious plan to steal all of Denise's fortune is slowly strangled by Miss Clearmont as she herself falls victim to the sadistic ex-nurse. Chapter by chapter, the books unravels Denise, strips her of free-will, objectivity and finally her sexuality. The tale follows the degredation of Denise and her enslavement and surrender to Irene as she is guided, forced and finally enslaved by a woman who has no limits.



A wife wreaks terrible revenge on her cheating husband. When she discovers that her husband's secretary Diane is taking her place she involves Miss Irene Clearmont in a plot to enslave, change and destroy both of her victims. The reappearence of characters from my first novel, Denise' links the two novels. A strong and almost brutal entry into the world of fetish female domination follows as the victims atempt escape from their terrible fates and the women who now own them, play with them while they finally decide how they will serve. From the institutional slave training farm to the surgeon's knife, the storyline is a tale of terror and sexual oppression.

The storyline traces the utter helplessness of a victim of a woman's jealousy as she and her lover are rebuilt, moulded and trained to be a woman's bed-toys.



My first two pieces of writing, fully reworked and edited. The novel 'Denise' was fully rewritten to create the novel 'Dark Widow'. Three years to finally finish and a defining moment in developing my writing style. On re-reading, they convey both excitement and sexual tension, but are clearly from the earlier period of my development as an writer.

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