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Dark Widow

It starts with a murder in twisted circumstances. The murder is the starting move in a game of chess in which the new widow is systematically pressured, broken, reduced and then enslaved by a cabal that wish to prise all of her murdered husband's huge fortune from her. Most of the action is dominating women taking advantage of other women, but there is a deal of female/male domination between the covers as well.

This novel is a full free-rewrite of the free to download novel 'Denise'. First I transferred the tale into the third person to allow background details to be explained from other points of view. Then, much of the plot, a great deal of the incidents, most of the detail and all of the beginning and the entire ending have been rewritten to make this a rather different read! Still, this book owes a lot to 'Denise' and it seems right to aknowledge it.

78.000 words


Every author has a special place in her heart for the first novel written. 'Denise' is that novel, but this version is really what 'Denise' should have been, it is the novel that I imagined when I started to write in 1999. This novel started life as 'Denise'. I decided to rewrite the whole and switch to the third person around the time that my publisher contacted me with an offer. The rewrite became all encompassing. The line of the story did not really alter... The detail, the perspective, the beginning and the ending all did! In fact I would say that this is much more than just a rewrite. It is a completely new novel with some incidents in common with Denise.

The theme has similarities with 'Justine' by De Sade. A young woman, innocent (mostly) and freshly widowed, she becomes the victim of one terrible circumstance after another. The differences, though, are great. She does not escape and her suffering is an orchestrated process rather than a series of random incidents. Of course this book is also the story of Miss Irene Clearmont. The 'eminence gris' behind so much of my writing. It shows how she turns on all who stand in her way with a ruthlessness and personal pleasure that is difficult to underestimate. In a way the novel that created me as a fictional character and a writer of female domination literature.

A defining moment.

My editor had a massive input, after all it was the first commercial novel that I had ever tried to write and I badly needed guidence.


By all means read 'Denise' and enjoy, but, this is the true start of Irene Clearmont's career in gratifying her dominatory lusts on others! Both Irene's!

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