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Credit Where It Is Due

With her finger touching her lips, she enjoins silence. No more cries are allowed, for now she is making sure that you are secure in the cot. One by one she checks the fetters and ties that bind, until at last she is satisfied that her charge is ready for the night. Settled and awaiting the abuse that will come when she decides...

Who knows what the darkness will bring...

...and you dream of her, the woman that loves and owns you.

The Credits

This website is:

  • Written by Miss Irene Clearmont.
  • Designed by Miss Irene Clearmont.
  • Started in 2012 using MSWord
  • Now programmed on X5 Evolution 12
  • Copyright Miss Irene Clearmont 2012 'til now.
  • Now on version 06 revision 02 already.
  • Damn hard work to maintain!

This website is:

  • Run by Miss Irene Clearmont.
  • Maintained by Miss Irene Clearmont.
  • Visited by those who know a good thing.

For she is:

  • The WebMistress.

Most fiction on this site is:

  • Written by Miss Irene Clearmont.
  • Concieved by Miss Irene Clearmont.

The rest was penned by the following guest authors:

  •        Joe Paso.
  •        Ms Carmenica Diaz.
  •        Wes Royal.
  •        Clare Penne.
  •        C J Payne.

Other thanks:

  •       Mrs Jessica Kovanaugh - 'Asserting Female Authority'
  •       Steve who was the start of all of this... he knows.
  •       Charles... who does some editing now...
  •       Phil. He isn't, but he provides support and balance.
  •       ...and finally, JAH, the only one who knows...

All your dreams are:

      Now the property of
Miss Irene Clearmont.


The door opens, you see her hard shadow cross the floor, the light in the doorway too bright for your sensitive eyes. The time has finally come when she will torment you and make you hers. The rod in her hand, the click of the heels, the rustle of leather and the gloves on her hands; all  of them signify her complete power over your helpless body.

The time has come to please her as she wants, as only you can....

Her pleasure is all that matters...

Her gratification...

Her bliss...


Copyright 2016. All rights reserved.
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