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Corrective Therapy

Notes On Theraputic Cuckoldry

There is something so delicious and naughty about rooting through the diaries and papers of someone else! Secrets of perversions... stories of female domination and extreme cuckoldry. With that thought in mind, I decided that it would be interesting to write a whole novel that allowed the reader to see inside a closed box that would never normally be opened. The premise is that a group of therapists, sexual therapists, arrange their therapy to guide and persuade their subjects onto a path of behaviour that is quite alien to their nature. To show that they have the power to create personal pets from their victims...
The novel consists of three interlinked cases that are all part of a larger study. Each case is accompanied by opening comments and notes, the full transcripts of the interviews and a final round-up that allows the peeping-Tom reader to see what happened in the follow-up. Under it all, this is all a devious psychological experiment to prove a frightening thesis and you see only three of tens of cases that were carried out. The therapists' thesis is: That male and females in counselling will respond to both therapeutic and outside pressures and become nothing but Betas for their betters. Naturally, the therapists add some of their number into the relationships of their subjects to test the idea that African descended men and women are both more dominant and more able to create submissive sluts of their subjects.
·         Female Domination
·         Cuckolding
·         BDSM
·         Bisexuality
·         Fetish
·         Alpha Males
·         Sexual Slavery
Not a short novel, the detail took me six months to research and lay out. Most of the novel consists of the interviews. Day by day, week by week, the subjects are broken down and reassembled as the slaves and pets of the therapists until at last they are ready to be disposed of and new subjects taken on. Two couples and a single man form the focus as the couples are broken, the wives responding to the pleasures of their new, well-endowed lovers and the husbands are ground down to become just playthings for their wives' lovers.
Complex and demanding, this is a novel that you will read again and again as more detail becomes ever more apparent and the deviant thesis is proved...

58.000 words
This novel was a considerable challenge. I have always liked to push the boundaries of FemDom fiction and this novel does just that. Pacing, plot and the lack of direct third person prose all placed great demands on me to ensure that the reader is never bored. Even though the opening is a little dry, being the beginning of the therapist's thesis, the reader is quickly taken to a place where each interview shows how couples are perverted and twisted until nothing of the original relationship exists. Obviously, given my interest in FemDom fiction, there is plenty for the enthusiasts of the genre. But, I have put in so much more. Cuckoldry is the general theme, so a couple of Alpha males also have a part to play. Bisexuality is more than touched on and the fall of the wives is almost poignant. A regular cast of therapists allows the reader to follow their experiences from the point of view of the therapy sessions to being the outsiders who catalyse and control even as the victims believe that they are friends and lovers.
An unusual novel, a peep into secrets and games... it may well leave the reader with the thought that they would never ever go to therapy again...

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