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I do actually welcome contact from my readers. Occasionally it can take a while for me to get back to someone who has written to me, but as long as they pass the test of restraining any impulse to get personal or else becoming disrespectful, boorish, vulgar or discourteous I will usually return the favour and reply.

  • Perhaps you are just passing the time of day!
  • Perhaps you wish to comment on something of mine that you loved or hated!
  • I am happy to receive plot suggestions. I cannot guarantee that they will interest me, but several tales have benefitted from contact with readers!
  • If you fancy a personally written story then just ask me, but personal writing is not free, though occasionally I have written to suit a correspondent because the idea has appealed to me.

If you have had problems downloading my work from this site, then drop me a line and I will ensure that any problem is sorted out post-haste. I want this site to be a secret pleasure for you and indeed for all of my readers and am happy to correct spellings (we all have our little weaknesses) and ensure that the site remains easy to navigate, enjoyable to read and of course a place where you can feel safe and helpless in the chains at my feet.

My email address is:


My publisher’s contact address is:


…should you feel the urge to write to
them. Do not forget that I am just one of their many authors, so if you wish to comment about me, to them, then make sure that you mention my name!

Bed and Breakfast

Dear Mandy,

I just had to write to tell you how much I and my wife enjoyed staying at your guest-house for three weeks last September. We have seldom managed to find such bonhomie from the owner of a bed and breakfast establishment. To top it all off you looked after me in that last week when I caught that bout of fever.

So for all you efforts, I would like to tender my deepest grateful thanks for all your care and exertion.




Dear Mandy,

I just quickly wrote this note to keep you up to speed with how things are going at my end. I was somewhat sceptical, I’ll be honest! When you told me on the phone that you could train a man in just a week to be the perfect trophy-man who did as he was told without question and always gave his all in bed for his wife, I have to say that I really thought that I was wasting a week or two of my life for nothing!

Well, Hugo has been such a good boy since his ‘fever’. He does not question any order, he kisses me all over every night and has already agreed to allow me to improve my experience of sex by having a few more lovers.

There has been no wavering of Hugo’s servility and I shall keep giving him the formula for the next three months as you directed. It has been well worth the ten thousand that it all cost and I am certainly recommending the course to my friends. I would not want them to miss out on the delicious benefits that I am seeing.

Thanks for everything and I’ll stay in contact.




Dear Elaine,

Thank you for your kind note. I would also like to point out that Hugo sent me a letter (a copy of which I enclose). If he did this without a direct order from you, then I suggest that you up the dose to 10ml a day for a week and then reduce back to 5ml. You will also have to make sure that he is properly scared of the crop and the whip.

It is essential that, during the drugged period, your husband is beaten regularly and punished at least three times a day to build the total habitual servility that you require.

Should Hugo be showing any signs of independence at the end of the year when you will have finished the formula, then I shall take him in for another week. Normally I hesitate to do this because there is a risk that a second course of tuition can damage him physically and make him unable to climax.

Thank you for using my services. I would like to inform you that I now have the possibility of being able to offer any physical changes that my customers may wish due to finding a clinic that will charge reasonable prices for discrete surgery. Should you wish to use this new service, do not hesitate to contact me and we shall discus your requirements.



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