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Command Performance

An American Romance...

Miami... A brat, eighteen and with a rich Daddy to supply all the fast cars she needs. A mature lover who is the partner of her father, a strong man who knows how to fuck. A boyfriend, her own age, a virgin and hesitant and ready to play with. How could this all possibly go wrong?

Jenny needs it bad, she needs to be fucked, she needs to make her own way in the world and most of all she needs to control all those that are around her. Boyfriend, father and lover. This novel tells the tale of her manipulations, her outreageous abuse of those around her and her ultimate victory. There is nothing that Jenny won't stoop to. Force, blackmail and the allure of her body, she uses them all to roll over the men around her until at last she is the only one standing...

47.000 words


The challenge for me was to write a cuckold-feminisation novel without a touch of the whip or the hiss of the cane. A complete break from inbstitutional femdom, a simple set with just four characters whose interplay drives a plot that has endless graphic sexual encounters. The lead character, a brat of the first order, is attractive and repellant but most of all she is learning how to twist everyone in her life around her fingers. The boyfriend tries until the last to escape his fate and the lover watches with amusement...
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