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Come to Mother

Subjegating Samuel

Part IV

Moved to his new owner, the brat Tiffani, Samuel spirals ever further into total servitude. prepared by Tiffani for her amusement, another woman sets her eye on Samuel. A woman who wants a replacement for the pet lost so long ago. A woman who makes a bargain with Mrs Williams (Tiffani's mother) that will pass Samuel to a woman who has evil in mind.

A female domination wedding, from the point of view of the slaves. A birthday party like no other and women whose only concern is their continuing gratification whatever the cost.

30.000+ words

This is the fourth part of the series, 'Subjugating Samuel'. The intention of the author was definately to have a total of five parts to the series. However, it soon became apparent that poor little Samuel was not going to last much longer at the present rate of abuse. Therefore, I combined my plotting from parts 4 & 5 and produced a longer piece to finish Samuel off! One of the few books where I have mentioned drugs to create slaves, the poignant ending of Samuel and his final fate will cause most readers to watch in fascinated terror as he slips away...

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