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Clare Penne

Clare is a writer with whom I have been in contact with ever since I started to write seriously. She writes stories that deliciously relate the mistreatment and sissyfication of men who fall into the hands of powerful women, loving and strict. For instance the story 'My Passage To Womanhood' is perhaps her most central work, stretching over ten volumes that takes the reader as far as the Middle East in a shocking but perfectly paced story of modern day slavery.

Clare's main writing interest is transgender and the way in which men become feminised as they fall into the hands of women who control, guide and force them to surrender their masculinity and all influence over their own lives. Where as I am more inclined to use brutal force to bend male characters to my plots, Clare is subtle and has a more relaxed approach that winds the reader around her delicate finger as they imagine themselves caught in a web of forces that slowly picks their male egos and masculinity apart with consumate ease.

Clare loves describing the inner detail of every incident. Fine wines and food to perfection, real conversation and depth of characters that most authors can only aspire to. Places that she uses as backdrops are real and show Clare's wide travels to great advantage and the cultural differences are thrown into relief as the character's inner lives are exposed. I suppose that if I had to pick an mainstream author who had the same attention to detail and delicate touch it might be Jeffrey Farnol or perhaps the more modern Sarah Maclean.


Clare has kindly offered the visitors to my website her latest work, 'The Cost Of Being A Gurl'. Read and enjoy a novel that will enfold you in its arms and guide you to far better things!

Download a long story written by Clare Penne, 'The Cost Of Being A Gurl'.

Clare's writing can be found on many sites, but the most complete collection is on www.FemDomCave.Com

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