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Ms. Carmenica Diaz

Ms Carmenica Diaz is one of the most published authors in Female Domination fiction. With a great many novels and collections of short stories under her belt she has a strong presence on the Internet with an extensive website.

Carmenica Diaz lives near London and has been writing erotic fiction since 2004 that is either hard and nasty or soft and tender, depending on her moods. Ms Diaz commenced writing at the urging of close friends and now has a substantial following of loyal readers. Her work can be divided into two clear genres – Erotica and Transgender fiction. Carmenica Diaz is, of course, a penname and, in real life, Ms Diaz is an accomplished woman of academia.

When asked to use single words to describe Carmenica, a close friend chose the following – impatient, dominant, arrogant, tender, caring, romantic, hurtful, precise, nasty, supportive, and mercurial. They are still friends as she told the truth.


I first contacted her soon after I offered my first novels, Denise and Diane, on the Internet. Though the contact was brief, Ms Diaz passed me some advice that has proved most useful and moved me in the right direction to get published on the Internet. Just a small hint, but significant. It could be said that this website springs from those words...


Ms Diaz writes in a clear an fluid style that is both pacy and direct. She does not shy from love or pain and the two often mingle like a marbling through her plots. With the agreement of Ms Diaz, I chose a short story for your delectation. 'Shylock' is one of her earlier works and has been published on a number of websites. It makes up part of a group of tales that collectively are named by the author as 'Cruel Women'.

As I picked up my pen after not writing for several years and began to write Female Domination fiction, I read this story and it had an influence on my own writing that I recognise on re-reading. The structutre and the anticipatory fear is so piquant, a shiver of horror and excitement that changes the perspective...

Download 'Shylock' in PDF format to load in another window of your browser.

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